Passionate author, Chanell Angeli is a woman who is able to captivate all her readers with her therapeutic effect. Her guidance proves that her that she is creative in all aspects, not just writing. Angeli sat down for an exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine to discuss being vulnerable to open up to her audience, her new project, and much more!

Tell us about yourself. What made you want to become an author?

I was a shy kid and I really liked to express myself but early on in drama class, I realized that I have a terrible fear of the stage and the crowds of people. I decided to put my thoughts and feelings on paper so I have been writing since I can remember. I would enter writing contests and win them in school then it transferred into blogging about seven years ago. It started off with The Young and The Conscious then to travel, health, and wellness blog. Finally, I transitioned into books and now into poetry so it has always been my first passion.

What is something you hope each reader takes away when reading a book written by you?

With working on my next book which is coming out late this summer, I think that I want people to realize that we need to be kind. Not just to each other because that is a given but to ourselves. A lot of times, I see that people beat themselves up. In the age of social media, we’re constantly comparing our lives to others, you can’t help it. I think it’s detrimental to the way we feel about ourselves. We take for granted all of the blessings that we have in our own lives. I just want people to take away that you should be kind to yourself, we’re living, breathing, changing beings and life is not supposed to be perfect, it’s just supposed to be worth it.

Tell us about the idea behind creating your brand Melanin Mermaid Brand.

So Melanin Mermaid started off because I travel a lot. I’m always on a beach, I am a beach snob, the water has to be clear, I have to be able to see the bottom so people would always comment on my pictures “Melanin Mermaid” and I just ran with it! I trademarked it and because of my love for travel and turned it into a travel blog. My beauty routine for skin and hair care is so simple and natural that I wanted to share that with others. I began making products for skin and hair and I sell them on my website. Even though the Melanin Mermaid is being revamped, I still sell a few of the select items on Chanell Angelic’s official website. I sell the Black Soap, I swear by it! It’s directly from Ghana and not like imitation soap that some companies sell as the “real thing.”

Tell us about your new book that will be publishing this summer.

It’s the scariest part for me because it’s the most vulnerable that I’ve ever been. It is a collection of personal self-portrait, photography, and very open poems. When I mean open, I mean family issues, which everyone has, it also includes my vulnerabilities, my insecurities, my part in damaging relationships. A lot of the accountabilities take place in the new book. I’m excited to put it out because I’m challenging myself to not live in fear. Its still kind of scary but that is what the new book is about. I think a lot of times, over the years with having a large following, I have to be so censored with what I put out. Like posting my kids on rare occasions,  this is a very open book with baby pictures and is a glimpse of my life that only about four, five people at most only know.

What else can we expect to see from you in the future?

Events, book tours, more performances, more products. I am breaking out of my introverted shell (laughs)! I’m doing spoken word and performing my poems at places so I want to do that in different cities and promote the book. That’s what I have planned for the rest of the year and more!

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All images by Mario Reyes | provided by I’MERGE PR