Atlanta, Georgia native, Krys King found her passion for writing romance when reading books by best selling authors such as: Terry McMillan, Omar Tyree, and E. Lynn Harris. King began her writing journey writing poetry and quickly burst in the world of literary in the past year with her best selling modern romance, “Crossed in Love.” We sat down to get to know the author quickly on the rise to get to know the woman behind the great success and to find out just what else she has up her sleeve for the new year.

Tell us more about Krys King?

Krys King is a married mom of two who enjoys sharing her love of love through her writing and stories.

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

Becoming a full-time writer and author was not something that crossed my mind, I was actually on the path to becoming an attorney. In my downtime, I would write poetry and write small stories; nothing serious, just little stories ideas that would come to me. One day I couldn’t stop writing and it was good; really good, that’s when I knew this was something I am supposed to be doing, and now here I am; an author.

You mentioned that you are a poet as well, do you still write poetry and if you do should we be looking for something published soon?

Yes, I wrote poetry growing up, and it helped me get through some tough times, but now I express myself through the books that I write. But you never know, a poem may be lying in wait deep down.

Can you tell us what motivated you to write “Crossed in Love,” can you tell us more about it?

“Crossed in Love” came at a time in my life where I was the happiest, believe it or not. Although “Crossed in Love” is a work of fiction, I identified with each of the women; their hurt; their lost; their pain, all the emotions we as women go through with love. Whether we are the “gold-digger” or the “hypocrite”, we all experience love differently, and it ultimately shapes us into who we will or have become.

Will you be having a book signing or book tour coming up soon?

Yes, book tours and signings are all in the works for 2018, stay tuned because I am excited to see and meet everyone nationally.

What’s coming up next for Mrs. King?

Wow, so much. My next novel, “The Fruit Fell Far” is set to release the top of the year, of course, a book tour starting in the SouthEast. Crossed in Love is in the process of being converted into a script, so again, stay tuned for the movie soon!

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(PHOTO CREDIT: Daerea Media Group)