Grown-ish’s Luka Sabbat gives us the rapid-fire inside scoop on his modeling career.

Just when we thought the 20th century brought every ounce of black magic we had yet to experience, in walks 20-year-old, Lula Sabbat! Regal, fashionable, whitty, and creative, Sabbat brings a fresh new vibe not only to our television with his portrayal on the spinoff, Grown-ish but to runways across the entire world. Luka is now giving us the first-hand view into not just his known talents but into his entrepreneurial mind, making him the ultimate thriving triple threat.

How were you discovered?

I was with my father, we were sitting on 5th Avenue when Noel from Request came up to my father and said, “I would like to represent your son.” We looked her up on Google and thought to our selves, let’s go see what happens.


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