Drugstore makeup is my weakness. I love all things beauty but when it comes to affordable prices, I’m completely sold.

To be quite honest, some products you find at the drugstore are often better than the hyped up high-end make up you see raved on social media or even by our favorite online influencers.

I’ve been anxious to get my hands on this foundation for quite some time as many of my favorite YouTubers have expressed how much they like this product.

I have tested this foundation for one week to provide you all with my honest opinions of this product.

Here is my review on the wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation.

First off, I am in the shade Golden Beige. It wasn’t quite difficult for me to choose my shade because my go-to shade at the drugstore is normally Golden Beige unless I’ve sunbathed under the scorching sun.

Claims: wet n wild explains that this foundation was made to give your skin that no filter appearance. It claims that it is perfect for photos because it won’t leave any white casts in flash photos.

How I applied it: I simply used a foundation brush to buff the product in, I used the Morphe 439.

With just one layer, it was a medium coverage. Me, being as extra as I am, I like a full coverage look. If I’m going to do my makeup, might as well go all out.

After I’ve completed my makeup look for the day, I decided to test out the claim by taking a photo with and without flash.

Wear test: 7:04 AM

End of the day: 5:10 PM (10 hours)


  • Price: Compared to most items from the drugstore, this foundation is considered cheap. Foundation can typically run anywhere from $8-$15. The wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation is $5.99.
  • Longevity: My full face look held up pretty well all day. I’ve tried high-end foundation that hasn’t stayed on all day and for six bucks, you just can’t beat that!
  • Coverage: Again, for six bucks, this foundation left me shook! I would say that the coverage is medium to full coverage. I love a full coverage makeup look so this was probably my favorite aspect to this foundation.
  • Cruelty AND vegan-free.


SmellThe foundation smells like paint or a strong chemical. It lasted until the foundation completely set. It wasn’t a terrible scent but not everyone will like this.

Shade Range: This wet n wild foundation has 20 different shades which is awesome because you don’t see that often in the drugstore. From the looks of the colors provided on their website, there are more options available for women with a lighter complexion. I didn’t have a hard time selecting my shade but that’s not the case for everyone.

Still Oily: I was expecting to be matte with this foundation but it seems as if the oil made the foundation become more of a sheen look. I was kind of okay with this but being naturally oily, I would’ve preferred no oil.


I enjoyed this foundation! I still received flash black on my before and after photos though… The coverage is super nice and feels lightweight on the skin. Although I am oily, I do have a few dry patches on my face and the foundation ended up clinging to those areas and in addition, in the after photo, you can see that my natural oils began to peak out. Nothing a little exfoliation can’t fix, but be aware! 


The wet n wild photo focus foundation is available online and at your local drugstore.