The social media sensation dishes on what beauty means to her.

Monica’s fiery personality gives her viewers something to look forward to. Dishing on all things inward beauty, skin care items, and another seasonal change, Monica is our #muse! Check out her tell all interview below!

What is your favorite part of being a beauty guru?

I would say my favorite part of being a beauty guru has to be just the endless amount of freedom that I have to create my content. Although sometimes people think that beauty is all about what you look like,

I am able to change that narrative by just being myself. Being a beauty guru is about living my best life, living my truth, and being authentic as possible.

What are your thoughts on beauty? What do you think makes someone beautiful?

It sounds so cheesy, but it’s a person’s character traits and personality that makes them beautiful. As human beings, we see someone, and we may think that they are beautiful, but have you ever met someone who is beautiful, physically, but then you really get to know them and then you’re like wait…what?! If their personality is beautiful, it doesn’t matter what they look like at all. That’s the most important part.


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