Yesterday was the inaugural Stylist Suite produced by PR specialist and journalist Darralynn Hutson which is an event that highlights and celebrates black costume designers and stylists.

The exclusive event included elite celebrity stylists and designers such as EJ King, Jason Bolin, Rita McGhee, Kenya Ware, Kyemah McEntrye, Sekinah Brown, Tasha Boue, Stacy Beverly, Germaine Hill, Jamar Hart, Nchimunya Wulf, Pamela Watson, Timothy Snell, Derica Cole Washington and many more.

Vanessa Simmons was also in attendance and previewed two of her new looks from her upcoming “Transformation Collection”

Guests enjoyed elaborate displays and fabulous collections from an array of designers.

Fashion Entrepreneur and Reality Star Vanessa Simmons

Sanya Richards Ross - The Gold Standard Capsule Collection - a creative collaboration between Ava-Mae, A2A & PAOM

Designer Kyemah Mcentyre
Cutting it in the ATL star LaKenya Morris
Dress by Kyemah McEntyre
Centerpiece Dress designed by Conrad Booker, Clutch purse, Conrad Booker, Shoe from the Christopher Coy Collection, Flooring by FLOR
Designed by BurkinaBae
Fur provided by Nicole Smith, and belt by designer 0770
Designed by Tatiana of Belorusochka Couture
Designed by Frances Lewis of Ann Evelyn
Jamar Hart, Germaine Hill, Tasha Boue, Pam Watson, EJ King, and Derica Cole Washington
Stacy Beverly,Germaine Hill, Pam Watson, Tasha Boue, EJ King, Derica Cole Washington, Kenya Ware. On Bottom: Jamar Hart

Photos by Mark Gunter and