We’ve never seen a more powerful duo!

Beyoncé and Gucci have teamed up in order to use their platform to provide clean water to thousands in East Africa. The BEYGOOD4BURUNDI campaign’s main goal is to bring clean water to Burundi with the helps of the infamous brand, Gucci.

With this collaboration, a plan has been constructed to help 80 wells in the African country. Alongside UNICEF, Beyoncé founded the campaign last June in an effort to help those in the country who do not have regular access to water.

According to Beyoncé’s website, it states that only 60% of the people in Burundi have access to safe, clean water; keep in mind that there are over 10.5 million people in the country.

For more information on BEYGOOD4BURUNDI and to donate to the campaign, click here!

Featured Image: Shutterstock