When it comes to empowering other women, these ladies have got it down packed. The Bougie Bunch Group, Ericka Hatfield, Lyndsay Christian, Shawanda Green, and Joi Adams have made it their personal mission to redefine the term “bougie” for women of color. Now, what does that exactly mean? Well, in these inclusive interviews with the members of the inspiring group, the women shared why they created this safe space for women of color and how they plan to continue to be the change we need to see in the world!

Ericka Hatfield

Can you tell us about yourself and your role in The Bougie Bunch Group?

After working in tech for several years, I observed there wasn’t an opportunity for women, specifically women of color, to network, connect and be appropriately positioned for mid to senior level career opportunities. My business partners and I wanted to create a space in which women of color could collaborate and celebrate each other.

Can you tell us about your mission to travel to various cities for The Bougie Brunch?

As we travel to other cities, our mission is to expand the network and grow the community of mid to senior level professionals and entrepreneurs, thus creating more touchpoints and gaining exposure. We have been approached to host the Bougie Brunch in various cities domestically, but internationally, as well. We have been diligent in our outreach to secure sponsorships and viable partnerships to support our mission.

What is the main goal The Bougie Bunch sets out to accomplish?

We want to be the hub for women of color to find career opportunities, promote their business and connect with others, through volunteering to networking events. We have been partnering with companies like Google, Etsy, L’Oréal and currently, Young & Rubicam, to help bring diverse talent into their organizations. As our network continues to grow and more companies learn about our mission, we hope to bridge the gap on diversity hiring challenges, and long-term, we want to build out a digital platform to connect our network, virtually

What can we look forward to seeing from The Bougie Bunch later on this year?

We are ecstatic to host our one-year anniversary Bougie Brunch in New York City in August, and returning to the nation’s capital, Washington D.C, in October. The best way to stay informed about our events is via our social media platforms.

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