On Sunday, October 8th, Bobbi Kristina will premiere on TV One. The star of the film, Joy Rovaris , a newcomer who will be portraying Bobbi Kristinia. The movie highlights the young starlet’s life as she was the daughter of Bobbi Brown and the late Whitney Houston.

The film highlights the struggle Bobbi Kristina with her mother’s sudden passing. TV One’s Bobbi Kristinia offers a rare sight into the world of the brief life and untimely passing of such a young and vibrant woman.

Demetria McKinney stars as Whitney Houston, Nadji Jeter as Nick Gordon, Hassan Johnson as Bobby Brown and Vivicia A Fox as Pat Houston, with Le’Azionna Braden as the young Bobbi Kristinia.

Tracey Baker – Simmons says, “Bobbi Kristina is a passion project for us because we watched Krissy grow up from the time she was 10 years old and until she became an amazing young adult. The world did not have the oppurtunity to know and love Krissy the way we did”. The film makes it debut on TV One on Sunday, October 8th at 7 PM EST/6 PM CST. Tune in to watch this powerful film. In the meantime, check out the powerful trailer.

IMAGES Courtesy of TV One

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