Memphis native, Tara Seals is a woman with many hats. Not only has she completely changed the online boutique scheme but she’s mastered her entrepreneurial journey to a tee. Seals is the CEO/Founder of Body Décor Boutique, an international author, and was also named the Emerging Designer Buyer’s Choice Award at the Atlanta’s Apparel Mart in 2013. To say Tara is an overachiever is an understatement, she is a boss lady and exemplifies the definition of a leading lady. Join us as we got to know the mastermind behind Body Décor Boutique!

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. My hardworking mother was a single parent to my brother and I and from a very early age, my mother instilled in me to always do my very best, finish what I start, and include God in everything I do.

I was extremely involved in extracurricular activities throughout school, always holding leadership positions and going above and beyond academically. I played both the trumpet and piano and enjoyed being a leader amongst my peers.

Earning a full academic scholarship to The University of Memphis provided me with an opportunity to complete my bachelor’s degree as my mother could not afford for me to attend college. I didn’t stop there. Since I did a dual enrollment during my undergraduate studies, I completed some of my master’s level courses during undergrad. By the age of 25, I had obtained two master’s degrees in addition to my bachelor’s degree, M.B.A. (Marketing) and M.A.ED. (Secondary Education/Special Education).

I started my boutique with only $3,000. I officially founded Body Décor Boutique in 2011 and opened an online marketplace, catering to men, women, and children.  I eventually began designing my own custom designs that I offer exclusively at my boutique and to wholesale clients. From there, I opened the very first fashion truck in Memphis, Tennessee and expanded to a brick and mortar location. Fast forward to 2018, I have styled and designed my custom unique creations for people all over the globe. My designs have literally touched every continent except for Antarctica. 

My boutique has been featured at some of the world’s biggest events with attendees of 30,000+ such as The Taliah Waajid’s World Natural Hair & Wellness Lifestyle Expo, The Cooper-Young Festival, Milan, Italy Fashion Week, Essence Festival, Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show, and many more! 

In 2013, I won the Emerging Designer Buyer’s Choice Award at the Atlanta’s Apparel Mart. I was named Top 25 Inspiring People To Know in 2016 (Life Lessons Magazine) and voted Atlanta’s Business Woman of the Year in 2017 (Woman On Fire).

My self-published book, entitled Bossy Is As Bossy Does: The 5 Keys That Open Doors, was birthed from my entrepreneurial journey along with my tenure as an educator in 2017. It is available in 4 formats: hardcover, paperback, eBook, and audiobook. Click here for more information and to read the reviews.

What inspired you to create Body Décor Boutique?

My Granny passed in 2010 and I was devastated, furthermore severely depressed. She was a staple client at local boutiques and I absolutely loved shopping with her! She influenced the fashion culture, always receiving invitations to upscale events, and everyone was anxious to see what Ida Mae was wearing and to know the designer of the ensemble. 

At the age of 12, I was selected to be a member of the Goldsmith’s Teen Board in my hometown. I modeled the latest fashion on the runway during our monthly fashion shows and styled the mannequins inside of the store. I always had a passion for fashion and when she passed, I wanted to carry on that legacy. 

Tell us about your collections; can you tell us about your best seller?

My collections include exclusive custom designs that honor culturally conscious bossy women around the world. As the creative director of the brand and the Founder/CEO, I am very in tune with my brand and the needs/wants of my bossy clients.

Offering tees, sweatshirts, mugs, pillows, and earrings in a wide variety of sizes and colors have allowed us to successfully meet the demand of the fashion industry.

The Soul Sista Collection is our best seller. Each design speaks directly to the inner being of soul sistas around the globe and our clients can’t get enough! The feedback and appreciation for this collection have been totally amazing and we look forward to what’s next!

What sets Body Décor Boutique apart from other online boutiques?

My company, Body Décor Boutique, offers an elite shopping experience like no other! We are committed to providing quality and exclusive bold fashion to unique individuals all over the world along with outstanding client service. The user-friendly marketplace along with a seamless online shopping experience keeps our clients coming back for more and referring their friends and family!

Although known for our creative and culturally conscious collections, we also offer a menu of services that includes wardrobe styling, personal shopping, closet transformation, wholesale, and custom apparel & design consulting. 

We go above and beyond to make sure our clients receive impeccable products and services. We pride ourselves on doing an outstanding job in each and every sector of the business. We give back to the community through our annual initiatives, support other businesses, and build long-lasting relationships with our clients. They are indeed spoiled and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

What can we expect to see from you and Body Décor Boutique in the future?

I am currently working on a major project to expand the brand to lifestyle products in the very near future along with touring on my 2018 Book & Boutique Tour. I can’t believe I will be on Tour Stop #21 next week…WOW!

In addition to the book tour, Bossy Is As Bossy Does: The 5 Keys That Open Doors is now being sold in Foyles, a colossal bookseller in London, England! Book #2 will be released in 2019…so freaking excited about that and we have so much in store for our beloved clients…stay tuned!

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