Recently, I sat down with big time, humble producer Will Packer in Los Angeles while on his press run for his new movie, “Breaking In” staring Gabrielle Union. We briefly spoke about being a bad ass dad, more movie productions owned by people of color and joining forces with social media influencer XoNecole.

Some may say in order for people of color to get more acting opportunities, we have to give them to our own. So, in the past few years that’s just what people have started to do. Packer discusses having a platform that has given a lot of upcoming actors and actress opportunity in major films. He also adds that it is good that we are starting to see more movie production companies by people of color, because it is giving our people chances. These opportunities are giving people roles in major movie films.

Packer has recently started a new media company that will be telling stories and creating content on various platforms like scripted and non-scripted television and digital content. He goes on to say that he feels like the brand, XoNecole will help each other by telling stories on her platform, while also telling her stories on a bigger platform. It would be basically expanding and elevating the brand XoNecole.

In this recent but sad day in age one of the “big talks” that a black father has to have with his son is dealing with the police. Packer briefly tells us the importance of having that talk with your son or nephew when dealing with the police. He also states that the same rules apply to him whenever he gets pulled over as well, “They don’t care that you are Will Packer’s son” he adds. It’s sad that we still have to have these kind of talks, but this is the reality.

Now his new movie “Breaking In” that is coming to theaters on May 11th is about a bad ass mom that will do whatever it takes to save her children. Packer says that he is a bad ass dad by going cross country for his kids and never missing his son’s game on a Friday night while filming a movie across the United States.

I checked out the movie and it definitely had me screaming at the screen with excitement.

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