You’ll want to be sure you remember this name, Brett Gray. This young starlet is quickly on his way to the top and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Gray will star in Netflix’s NEW series, On My Block, a comedy in which a group of friends navigate their way though high school in the city of Los Angeles. In the amount of time we spoke with Gray, we discovered that this Philadelphia native has the world at his very hands. Join us as we got the scoop on just who Brett Gray is and what we can expect from his character, Jamal Turner on the upcoming series!

Could you give us insight on your new series, “On My Block”?

On My Block is the story of four teenagers living in South Central Los Angeles. One of them joins a gang so the other three began to scramble in order to save their friend in different ways. Ultimately, all of us are on our own path to get him out.

Can you tell us about your character, Jamal Turner? What is it like portraying him?

Jamal is sort of the nerdy, neurotic one out of the group. He’s very weird, over the top, and crazy but he learns to be able to believe in himself over the course of the season. I think it’s kind of difficult to play him because I’m a little bit, well (laughs) I’ll say a lot more chill than he is. Some of the ways he reacts to situations, I can’t even imagine doing because it just seems like so much work, (laughs) but he gets it together in the end.

Do you believe this experience has taught you anything?

It has definitely taught me to think outside of the box. Jamal comes up with the craziest ways to get to the simplest product. He’s taught me to have a little fun with things.

You’re from Philadelphia but you’re currently living in New York. How was the transition for you?

Woo! (laughs) Well, New York is a lot more fast paced and in a way, it is a bit more tough. People don’t hold the door for you, if someone bumps into you, there is like no social interaction there, so, that was the hardest part I had to get used to. I still sort of live in Philadelphia and I say that both of the cities have their own kind of charm about them. New York is where I feel the most inspired and Philly is where I feel less impacted by the inversion.

What can we expect from Brett Gray in the future?

Hmm… You know, I ask myself that everyday. Definitely music, I’m working on music right now so I think that will be one of my next steps. But, hopefully more seasons of On My Block, movies, and a music career.

Check out the official trailer for Netflix’s On My Block.
The series becomes available on Netflix on March 16th!

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