The beauty of fashion is that it reaches across every culture, generation, ethnic background, and religions because it allows the individuals to creatively express themselves. Visionary Brett Johnson has created a menswear line for the everyday man of style to have runway infused designs at their reach in fine retailers such as Neiman Marcus nationwide. The Brett Johnson Collection exudes sophistication that’ll take your look to the next level. Custom polo style shirts, Italian designed outerwear, and an original shoe line are just a few dimensions of The Brett Johnson Collection. His creativity reaches beyond the runway to film producing as he was the Executive Producer of Lee Daniel’s The Butler with more projects insight. As the heir to the Johnson Family empire, it’s clear Brett Johnson is making a statement all on his own. So you can only imagine how inspiring of a moment it was to interview such a man of vision.

Mr. Johnson what is your muse of inspiration to create a men’s wear fashion line at this time? 

It’s been a lifelong passion of mine since traveling all over the world, I’ve been inspired by so many places. Then of course my mother is a designer and photographer so I knew it was something I wanted to pursue when I got older.

What has been your greatest triumph and most difficult challenge thus far as a designer?

Getting my work recognized and respected by major retailers was the most difficult. Once you have a major retailer then other doors will start to open for you. I think people have this pre-conceived notion all of this would be handed to me because of the success of my parents, but I had to do the work. I wanted to have a collection that’s presence lasts for a lifetime.

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How has social media branding been beneficial to your company?

Social media is a gift and a curse because now you can be here today and gone tomorrow. I think it’s important to not over flood your brand, but be authentic in telling your story.

What upcoming projects can we expect?

Next will be the Richard Pryor film with an immaculate cast consisting of Mike Epps, Eddie Murphy, Oprah, and Katie Holmes with Lee Daniel’s directing. Also, I’m presenting for the first time The Brett Johnson Collection at NY Men’s Fashion Week with June Ambrose producing and styling the show, which is going to be amazing.

Any inspiring words of those pursuing design? 

Believe in your design because this is an industry where everyone is a critic. You can’t let that get to you, so remain confident to keep moving forward.

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