“As Queens it is our duty to speak to the King in your man,” says Cook.

Catching up with Millennial Fashion Designer, Marketing Influencer and Philanthropist, Altrichia Cook, just days after her engagement party, in which they took over “Black Love Page” on Instagram, basking in the moments from her magical celebration. Her bliss and excitement about upcoming collaborations with her favorite brands and planning the #WilcoxForever nuptials was contagious! Perhaps because she is the essence of how to thrive at being a highly successful businesswoman, remarkable mother to her son—being present to celebrate each and every one of his academic and sports victories and sustaining a loving relationship with her fiancé, despite her pile of demands.

Living in a day and age where black love is becoming scarce, and dating someone foreign has become the new relationship goals, Cook, who will soon take the last name “Wilcox,” celebrates a rich history of black love with her soon to be husband, who was her high school sweetheart, Anthony Wilcox.

photo by Visions by Teemo Photography

Contrary to what most think about relationships of charm and longevity, specifically those who we see comment “relationship goals,” filled with smitten emojis on one of the world’s most favorite black love couples Savannah and LeBron James Instagram, often holds unseen struggles, filled with forgiveness and sacrifice.

“Social media can us give the idea that a perfect photos and post equates to life being all good, all the time. Some even say that it’s a front to make people think they are perfect,” says cook. If you’re following her Instagram, she chronicles their love all the way back to being high school sweethearts and teen parents to broken up for five years—Living miles apart as they each pursued their education. But that didn’t stop Cook from covering the father of her child and the king that she knew he had the potential to become, proven by his actions.

Lynda Louis Photography

“We share our lives through milestones…just like us millennial women on this wave of entrepreneurship, we must cultivate our business, we must make sacrifices and we compromise in certain instances when we have to say no to fun because we’re on a quest to achieve a goal. The same applies to relationships.”

As you can see, Cook and her fiancé’s tender, yet undoubted love for each other found its way back and they are loving out loud for the world to see.

Featured Image by Frankie Benjamin Photography Co.