As Big Sean says, “one man can change the world”

A Brooklyn man sought out for change in a community that lacks resources, opportunities, and change.

Entertainment host, Phil Taitt founded non-profit organization Dream, Reach, Inspire. The foundation seeks to inspire children during after school hours, creating programming that did not exist.

“When there is a need, you have to make a change. It is a shame, how funding is distributed throughout various parts of the boroughs. The opportunities that are available for a student attending a school near Central Park is very different to a student attending a school in East New York/ Brownsville, Brooklyn. The same opportunities, simply aren’t there.” 

The program which seeks to bring exposure to kids, does just that. Students at the Canarsie Children First Academy, have an opportunity to meet a powerful professional showcasing their occupation each week! Not only do they learn about occupation and participate in interactive workshops which have been created, the program has covered various occupations such as track and field, culinary arts, medicine, dance, music, and art! Taitt believes exposure is the key to success because,

“If a child does not learn about the world exists around their community, it stunts the development of a child. As students are introduced to various inspirational professionals talking about their story, it gives them hope that they can do whatever they put their mind to!”

This past Friday, Dream, Reach, Inspire commenced the closing ceremonies of this life-changing program. Participants of the program had an opportunity to reflect on various occupations that were covered and talk about what the program meant to them. In attendance on the joyous occasion was Hollywood actor, Justiin Davis. The actor who appeared in hit shows such as Chicago Med, Boardwalk Empire and The Good Wife, inspired the students by sharing his story. Davis highlighted that he began his career when he was about 10 years old, right around the age of many of the students. Parents and students walked away uplifted, inspired and ready to tackle any challenge that is to come.

Although Dream Reach Inspire has come to a close for the school year, there is still more to come! The organization has teamed up with Canarsie Children First Academy and The Stylish Chef, bringing a cooking intensive course to students over the summer. Three days a week, students will have an opportunity to learn how to cook various meals from beginner to advanced levels.

You can also catch Phil Taitt and the incredible work that he is doing on his YouTube Channel, The Phil Taitt Show. There you will find many of his inspirational interviews with notable names such as Toni Braxton, Brandy, and Andra Day.


All Images: Brandon Gordon