The smooth, chocolate heartthrob, Leon Robinson has captured our attention and will continue to do so in the upcoming national hit musical stage play, ‘Before You Say I Do.’ He spoke exclusively with Sheen Magazine about his aspirations, acting career, and what the industry has taught him.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into acting?

I was on a basketball scholarship at Layola Marymount University and a graduate student chased me down campus and begged me to be in his movie. I asked him, “Why me? Why don’t you get someone in the Drama Department?” He said, “No, I’ve been watching you and there is just something about you, I think you should be in a movie and I want to be the first person to do it.” So, I tried it and I had an experience that we all have in life, where, when you ‘re doing something and you feel like you’ve been doing much longer than the time you actually have been. So, I switched my major to Drama and I studied acting.

What challenges have you faced that has led you to where you are today as an actor?

I think the challenge that I’ve faced, are challenges that we all face. One being able to play the roles that you like to play creates opportunities for yourself. After achieving and maintaining success, feeding your fan base with more great work is a constant challenge. Whether it’s someone that has been acting for five years or someone that has been acting for 25 years.

What has being in this industry taught you that you believe will help aspiring actors?

I think when you enter into a career and you train to do anything, you’re hoping to make it a career and not just something that you’re doing right now. For aspiring actors, one thing I hope that I can offer to them, or at least my career can offer to them is longevity, relevance, and having a career of doing this. Having people still care about your work and loving you years after you’ve done for your first career, you know, that’s not easy. There’s many people that I came into acting with that no longer act. Its just the way the game is. I feel blessed that people continue to love me and continue to want to see my work. I’ve made a career out of it and I’m happy to say that.

What is something you wish someone would’ve told you about this industry before you started your career?

Someone could’ve told me things, like that there would be peaks, there would be valleys, there will be ups, and there will be downs but I don’t really think it would’ve mattered. Until you experience it and have to deal with them, that’s the real proof. How you deal with them.

Can you tell our readers what they can expect from “Before You Say I Do” and your character?

“Before You Say I Do” is a very entertaining, chronicle of three couples who are about to say their ‘I Do’s’ and go to see this therapist that wounds up being like a boot camp over a weekend. They go over things that they probably should’ve already known about each other that they didn’t know. It’s very surprising, very hilarious, very thought provoking, very emotional, and very truthful. I play Edward, a music manager to a recording star, who I ask to marry me, played by Kiki Haynes. Once we go through that, we have to discover a great deal about ourselves that we should know before we even entered the situation. It’s a hell of a ride! Its an ideal play for couples to see. Couples that are thinking about getting married, couples that are married, just people and relationships in general.

What goals do you have in your profession and where do you hope to see yourself in a few years?

You have goals in your career that are pretty much consistent. You want to do good, consistent work and you want to achieve bigger and better roles. More importantly for me is to tell good stories. I consider myself a storyteller, I like telling stories. When I’m acting, I’m apart of the story, when I’m singing with my band, Leon & The Peoples, I’m telling a story through songs. My goal is basically to tell more stories. I’ve been blessed to be involved in story lines or movies that have really stood the test of time. If I’m lucky, I hope to make a couple more. That’s my goal, trying to do things that not only register things in people’s minds now but also in the future.

Tickets for “Before I Say I Do” are now available on and, grab your tickets today for the following locations:

October 13th, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Ovens Auditorium

October 14th, 2017 in Richmond, Virginia at Altria Theater

October 15th, 2017 in Raleigh, NC at Memorial Auditorium

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