She’s one of the music industry’s leading executives, Catherine Brewton is truly adored for her heart and her love for giving to others. As well as being the Vice President of Broadcast Music Inc. for 20 years, Brewton has made an impact in her community by lending a helping hand to others. Brewton is founder and chairwoman of Hope for Harvest, an organization dedicated to supporting the youth throughout Charlotte, North Carolina. Catherine spoke exclusively to SHEEN to discuss Hope for Harvest and her vision to continue impacting the lives of the youth.

“We’ve all come together for a common cause and that is to help people in need.”

Hope for Harvest was a dream come true for Brewton. Her mother, Barbara Brewton left a legacy on the community in so many ways. In fact, the governor of North Carolina renamed a street after Ms. Barbara Brewton for her contributions. After losing her mother in 2009, Catherine wanted to ensure she honored her mother by influencing the lives of children in the Charlotte community, that is where Hope for Harvest came into play.

Catherine began fundraising and using the proceeds she raised to provide for children in a multitude of ways. She was able to provide after school snacks, supplies, and even held events to collect donations to ensure children had a Christmas. Brewton didn’t stop there, she kept her stride and dedicated herself to renovating a building which became her first free summer camp.

More than 50 children were provided an eight-week summer camp where they took trips to museums, NASCAR, and Camping World. Catherine’s purpose in creating the camp was to give children unforgettable experience. Her goal was to see children reading books instead of constantly using electronic devices and to journal their day from beginning to end.

This past spring, Hope for Harvest launched their newly dedicated youth center, The Barbara Brewton Hope for Harvest Youth Center. The facility is located in Charlotte and leaves a mark on the lives of all the children in the community.

“The name Hope kept coming back to me. Where there’s Hope, one can live and thrive.
The word Harvest means plentiful. Hope for Harvest literally just flowed out of my mouth.”

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