“It’s ok to change your life and chase your dreams.”

Ever since the fifth grade, Anisette Davis knew that she was going to go to college, become a nurse, and go to the army to follow in the footsteps of her mother.

Fast forward to 2010 at Texas Southern University, Davis simply wanted to have cute, comfortable and affordable clothing to wear to class with her sneakers. As a freshman living on campus, going to buy a shirt from the bookstore could run you about $50­-$70, which is a lot of money for a college student. Davis decided to start designing shirts that reflected her personal style, which included bold, bright colors.


Soon her friends wanted shirts that reflected their personal style and with having friends in greek life and some that were not, Davis started using color blocking as a way of keeping it neutral for everyone. The name ‘The Knockout” came from Davis complimenting people around campus by saying, “man, they’re a knockout.” Soon Davis became known as “The Knockout Set” around campus. The brand became very popular, quicker than she expected it to. Davis switched from pursuing her nursing career and started focusing more on building her brand.

Using the money from her refund checks, Davis saved and paid for everything she needed to make “The Knockout” successful, from buying the necessary items to producing merchandise at a higher volume to photo shoots with one of the top photographers. Davis knew it was time to expand, so she rallied some of her friends to drive to different colleges and universities in Texas, doing fashion shows and simply delivering orders personally so that she could meet her customers and give them an experience rather than just purchasing an item online and receiving it in the mail.


Davis has set goals to open a flagship store or two and possibly be in school bookstores, while allowing students the ability to customize their own merchandise while still being cost efficient for the average college student.