Asia Bey currently has four lines under her HairDiaries umbrella that includes HairDiaries Beauty Studio, HD Glamour Curl Irons, HD Virgin Hair Extensions, and September Statements Apparel while being a mother and a woman that stands for her community. With the closing of thousands of salons over the world, it’s no surprise the pandemic affected her and her business. To no surprise, she turned the negatives into the positives and kept moving! We caught up with Asia to discuss her hair endeavors, business during a pandemic, and much more.

What inspired the creation of HairDiaries LLC?

One on one conversations inspired the creation of Hair Diaries. When my clients come to me to get their hair done, they use it as an outlet, a space to feel comfortable and share their secrets.

That then went on to inspire my HD confession collection. I have clients that gossip because that’s extreme entertainment for a woman’s salon environment hence the wave gossip curl.

Customers that chat a lot- chatty Cathy, customers who are straight forward about every topic bought up and will speak on everything which inspired my straight forward wave, then my customers that only want to speak when the salon is empty one on one time which inspired my secret wave.

photo by Taylor Baldwin

Do you mind sharing with us how the global pandemic has affected you and your business?

The global pandemic affected me in many ways. The first stress was loss in wages. I couldn’t work so I couldn’t make a profit.

Most of my profits this year were going into HD. That pushed me back so far which discouraged me and made me less motivated. I didnt want to post on social media, compose emails for my customers, nothing. Then having to be a stay at home mom/teacher really restricted me from pouring into HD. It was really bad.

photo by William Harper

How did you turn this negative into a positive for your business?

I turned this crazy pandemic from a negative to a positive by waking up every day grateful instead of stressed. I looked at it like “Hey if I’m going to be home why not spend more time with my girls, make more videos, and build more content “. So not being able to “go outside” lol really helped me learn to sit still, listen to my thoughts, strategize more and focus on what’s important: family, self-care, and spending more time with HD.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on branding me Asia Bey. I am an influencer, mom, entrepreneur, fashionista, and girlfriend. It’s very important for the world to know who’s behind my brand.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

You can expect to see a few new things from me. I love fashion so I’ve partnered with a close friend and we created a brand called “September statements” her and i have September birthdays and we love jay-z and Beyonce so we sell items that make a statement and most are inspired by Bey. I am also searching for a larger salon so i can add on other avenues that fall under beauty which i am really excited about, and of course doing big things with my HD extension collection.

photo by Taylor Baldwin

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Featured Image by Taylor Baldwin