It’s a different world, the realm of fashion and all that jazz!

One of our favorite stars Jasmine Guy is joined by up and coming actress Kisa Willis in TV ONE’s newest television movie Chasing Waterfalls!  Willis describes working with the dynamic veteran Jasmine Guy as “hilarious”! “I had no idea that her sense of humor was so exciting,” she says.

Presented through the lens of fashion as a modern day spin on the story of David and Goliath, Willis plays character “Coco”- a fiery sista’ just shy of an alcoholic. With roots in immense guilt and pains from the past, Coco antagonizes Sister Olivia’s Drew Sidora dreams and aspirations to be a fashion designer; blanketing her own inner Goliath turmoil.

We asked Willis if she’d slain any Goliaths on her trek to stardom and this is what she had to say. “I think I’ve slain a combination of two things, “myself” and “being a black woman in the industry”. I’ve had to get over my own inhibitions and find roles that aren’t the stereotypical ‘black girl’ roles.”

As the film is biblically driven with the engine to inspire viewers to fight for what they believe in, Willis echoes those very sentiments in her everyday walk through life. “It is my desire that from Chasing Waterfalls viewers will feel like they can overcome any obstacle and keep fighting!”

Stay tuned to TV One to catch the encore of Chasing Waterfalls.