For all you beauty lovers out there, we’re positive you’re up to date with the latest buzz going around!

When it comes to beauty hacks, we’re always here for it and this latest tip may be the one to change our lives forever! We’re sure you’ve seen it all over your feed but this beauty hack involves most of our favorite beauty tools, the Beautyblender.

Let’s be honest, the Beautyblender is our go-to for pretty much everything! Whether it’s for our foundation, concealer, contour, you name it, the Beautyblender is the key tool in our everyday slayage.

It seems as easy as one, two, three, right? Well, the only way to perfecting your everyday looks is to keep a clean Beautyblender and this is where it gets tricky.

Keeping your sponge clean is the most important aspect of having one of these bad boys and we would both be lying if we said we did a good job of keeping up with this…

Take a look at how microwaving your Beautyblender could be the easiest, most efficient way to clean your sponge below!

Most were successful while some on the other hand found some difficulty.

Will you give this hack a try? If you have given it a go, let us know about your experience in the comments below!

Featured Image: Shutterstock