We are in a world full of entrepreneurs, content creators and boss babes making  change. The goal is to empower, create, and elevate. The success rate has the potential to soar beyond even our own expectations and can literally be done by reaching back and helping others. Chelsea Smith (Speaks) is doing just that. Trailblazing and taking the media world by storm literally one commitment at a time. Recently SHEEN had the pleasure of chatting with Chelsea and discussing her boss babe moves. 

SHEEN: You have a radio show entitled “Women Are Dope”, which they are. Explain to us your definition of a “DOPE” woman.

CHELSEA: To begin, I have to note what D.O.P.E. stands for. It stands for Divine Overachievers Propelling in Excellence. In sum, this simply means that my movement is about all things women and all the dope things we as women do. We are divine. We’re always going over the top with our achievements. We’re always propelling, in motion, always moving forward. Lastly, REAL dope women do things in a spirit of excellence, always.

SHEEN: Some say the entertainment industry is a “man’s industry” but women have been changing that narrative for years. When you think of the entertainment industry, what comes to mind?

CHELSEA: The entertainment industry is indeed a “man’s industry”, but there is a difference between being in the “industry” and actually being in “the business’ ‘. For example, Atlanta is full of wannabe socialites who are indeed in the “industry” but nothing about them is in this business. Me, my station and all of my brands, WE do BUSINESS. I’m at the table, conducting deals daily. In a nutshell, it may be a “man’s industry and even a man’s world” but in the words of James Brown, “It would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl.”

SHEEN:  When did you start wanting to get into the whole media industry world? 

CHELSEA: In 2008, I received a full scholarship from V-103, Atlanta to go to school for radio/television broadcasting. I attended CSB School of Broadcasting where I achieved the highest graduating scores, catapulting me into my first internship with V-103 on the Frank and Wanda Morning Show. I took a huge hiatus at one point and about 4 years ago, I moved back home to Atlanta, after being in Orlando for 7 years, because I felt I was ready to come back and take my rightful place in the media as the next Cathy Hughes.

SHEEN: At some point you wanted to be a singer. What made you change your mind?

CHELSEA: In 2005, I competed in the American Idol Season 5 Show. I made it as a semi-finalist and landed another audition in Hollywood, CA. After not making it past that point and flying back home, I began working with acts like Keith Sweat, Young Jeezy, Jagged Edge and a few more. 

While all these situations were indeed good situations, I fell into the hands of bad management. If you know anything about “bad management”, you know that giving up one’s self and ultimately, denying my relationship with God. As a Jesus girl, in no way would I have ever been able to deny my faith, my foundation and my personal boundaries. At that moment, I began to see how working in radio could be a window where I could play my own music on the air. What I didn’t expect, however, was to fall in love with radio. But, it makes complete sense because just like the South, I’ve always had “something to say.”

SHEEN: You not only have your own radio show, but you actually OWN the station. How difficult was that process?

CHELSEA: The process for building and creating my radio station continues to be a process not for the weak. However, I wouldn’t change it for the world. The woman I’ve become since starting my station, changing and growing myself to fit this new role and new part of my journey is what’s been the most challenging part. Every other battle is just the nature of the beast. You get used to it.

SHEEN: With all that you do we know it can get stressful at times. What motivates you and be keeps you going?

CHELSEA: I am motivated by results. I’ve always been a result-oriented person who likes to work quickly and efficiently. I’m also motivated by the type of lifestyle I want for myself and my family. The family I pray to have one day, I want to be prepared to be the best mom I’m meant to be, when that time comes. Lastly, I’m motivated by my haters, lol. They’re my biggest encouragement.

SHEEN: How do you want to be remembered 15 years from now? 

CHELSEA: Fifteen years from now, I want to be known as the new Cathy Hughes and one of the highest paid media professionals, launching the next iHeart radio platform! I also plan on establishing my radio program for kids across the globe so that I can share my passion and help those who share the same passion as I do.

Motivation comes in all different forms. Most times people are sitting on million dollar brands or ideas; and just don’t know where to start. We are thankful for Chelsea’s keen sense of education and giving back. Understanding that someone times in order to help dreams become a reality can take a small tribe. Stay tuned to everything Chelsea does and don’t hesitate to connect. 

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