Christine Michel Carter is the very first women to ever create a national Mommy and Me Professional Development Event! As a black millennial woman, she was determined to create an event that was free for working mothers, women in business, and black women in general. It was back in 2015 when Christine noticed that working mothers just didn’t have the time to develop themselves in a professional manner because of their responsibilities at home. Well, Carter did something about it and to no surprise, her event caught the attention of many nationwide, including SHEEN Magazine. Christine Michel Carter is here to share her story, her passion, and give us the break down of statistics around working mothers.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Christine Michel Carter; I am a 32-year-old black millennial mom, writer, and marketing strategist. As a writer, I’m knowledgeable about all things millennial mom and black consumer, and write for global publications like Forbes and Harper’s BAZAAR on these demographics. As a consultant, I provide a fresh and impartial perspective on the pros and cons of a company’s brand and can therefore suggest and implement effective branding solutions that transforms organizations. As a speaker, I provide a unique perspective to workshops, webinars, podcasts, panels, university discussions and global conferences. As the creator of Mompreneur and Me, I provide parents across the country with a free mommy and me style networking and professional development event.

What inspired you to create the first National Mommy and Me Professional Development Event?

When I attended conferences and professional events, I didn’t see a lot of younger mothers. It was mostly men and some older moms who had returned to the workforce after having their children. Yet I’d have conversations with mothers on social media who were my age, and they’d share how they were desperate to climb the corporate ladder but couldn’t find the time to do so. I’d researched young working moms for Forbes and knew these women were responsible for 40% of household chores while men were only responsible for 12%. That included childcare. As a result, a lot of these women had no time to develop themselves professionally because they were attached to their children. Mompreneur and Me events allow these moms to stay with their child for one hour but for the second hour, we have CPR-trained childcare on site. Child care continues to watch the children while the moms work on professional development activities, such as how to advocate for themselves in the office, how to find capital, how to create a proposal, and more. Plus the events are nationwide and free, which everyone loves.

Alarming Statistic Around Working Mothers:

  • This week is maternal mental health awareness week. Nearly 1 in 5 pregnant and new moms will experience some form of maternal mental health disorder.
  • There are nearly 25 million working moms in the workforce, and 40% of those working mothers are the sole or primary breadwinners for their family.

Why are you so passionate about empowering business women and working mothers?

I’m an advocate for working millennial moms because they are ME! I’m passionate about seeing my tribe represented in a positive light. I have the opportunity to promote us on some of the largest platforms in writing, like Forbes and TIME and I do feel pressure to clarify misconceptions and make sure I get it right. Malcolm X once said, The mother is the first teacher of the child. The message she gives that child, that child gives to the world.” I feel like me being passionate and really using my abilities to elevate the voice of moms and to give those women positive and insightful content, I’m doing my part to reduce their stress so they can raise loving children, thus change the world!

Do you believe becoming a mother challenged you in a different aspect in the way you run your business?

I really do! A lot of people say that motherhood almost hinders you as a professional but I found that statistically, mothers are more productive in the workplace and they work longer hours. I feel like it has pushed me to excel and work a lot harder. I feel like it makes me really think about maximizing my time when I’m in the workplace. I’m used to pitching myself or persuading because I have to persuade my children to do things (laughs). If you can persuade a child to do something, you can definitely persuade a 30-40-year-old man in the workplace to do something. I believe it has made a stronger professional if anything!

What else do you hope to accomplish in the years to come?

Oh my gosh! The only thing that I know for sure is that I want to continue to be a great mother. The challenges associated with being a mother in the workplace are now more important than ever, and I’d love to see it improve in the years to come. I would love to see Mompreneur and Me events expand to other cities across the country, and we’ve received demand from international moms too. We’ve seen support from some amazing companies who get it like McDonald’s, but I would like to see more companies step up to the plate and show their support for working moms. Their partnership is what helps keep Mompreneur and Me events free for the moms and their kids.


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All images by Aaron Herbert | provided by Christine Michel Carter