You know a trend has truly crested when you see it all over the red carpet. That’s currently happening with hats: fedoras, porkpies, beanies, even baseball caps have graced the carpets at events. Nothing defines your personality more than stepping out in a stylish hat, and turning heads with amazingly standout designs. We had the pleasure to speak with the trendsetter and co-founder of WearBrims, Archie Clay III, who delivers that fashionable look that we are all seeking when we step out with our hat. Be mindful honey, because when you rock these levels of style and brim designs, the paparazzi is sure to follow!

What inspired the idea to change the outlook on hats?

I’ve always had an eye for hats even throughout college and I think it was more about tapping into a market that had not been touched yet on the urban side. I always wanted to get into fashion, so I was like, let’s do something that not many are really doing right now. There have been companies that have been around for decades but, there hadn’t been much of a shift in the market when it comes to something new. So I thought let’s just change it up a little and add some flavor to it.

What does a proper styled hat say about a person?

The right hat honestly changes your whole outlook on that person. For a guy, it gives you that gentlemen look and feel. It’s a type of vibe you will always feel from that person. When I see someone with a fedora hat, it’s like okay, I know he has style or class because not a lot of people have the confidence to rock a fedora hat. Some feel like it may not work for their head, but it’s not really any different than wearing a fitted cap or a snapback, it’s the same thing.

So men do not shy away from rocking a fedora hat or any stylish hat for that matter because it can say a lot about you and it’s also definite to turn heads when you step out with a unique and trendy design. Celebrities such as Lance Gross, Chris Classic, and more have stepped out in these trendy hats by WearBrims!

“Our brand is about being unique, fashionable, and confident. We wanted to transform that classic fedora hat by bringing different materials bands that not only showcase that confident individual but brings our personal style right to your head. In addition, our hats are an extension of our individual personalities and undying love for fashion.” –WearBrims

What can we expect from WearBrims this year in fashion?

We are in the process of working on our own clothing line which will drop possibly in a year or so and we are working on a breast cancer pop up event in Atlanta to showcase our new collection and 20% of the proceeds will go towards breast cancer research. We are just working to continue to grow, and to be more proactive as a brand and a company. 

WearBrims was founded by Tajh Crutch and Archie Clay III. These young men have forever been the face of fashion. The symbol of their brand started with the energy and love from co-founder Archie Clay III’s late grandmother Rosetta Clay as she nurtured and encouraged him. Though she passed away a few years ago from breast cancer, her spirit lives on through the brand BRIMS. Her favorite bird was the red robin. So their team chose to incorporate the red feather, with a hint of pink, as the single image in their logo. It is their personal way of honoring Archie’s grandmother for motivating him on having the strength and resiliency to start this company.

So if you are looking to make a lasting impression this fall, then definitely step out in a hat with meaning, style, and personality that can only come from WearBrims!

All images provided by Archie Clay III/Wearbrims