“At times we live mundane lives that cause it to become clear we are lacking direction. We have no clarity or focus on the path forward for us. In those moments, we are unaware that the best we can get from life has yet to be uncovered. For some, life-changing events catapult us into the awareness that we need to redirect and at other times we get the signs but don’t know how to begin the process. It’s my passion to provide you with the tools you need to develop the road map to Intentional and Purposeful Living.”  – Coach Nita

Shanita is a Mindset Coach and Life Strategist helping women gain clarity around their purpose through the purging of pain gained through past experiences which have hindered their ability to be purposeful and intentional in the way that they live life.  She also helps them value and implement self-care that they can use for a lifetime, all while obtaining a clear understanding that choosing themselves first is not a selfish act but a self-preservative NEED.

Shanita started Purposefully B Coming in 2018 after nine years of blogging through her pain to inspire others on her website titled, Within Her Words. After realizing that God was calling her to serve on a higher level, she accepted the call to coach and made a smooth transition into providing powerful, motivational and transformational programs, products, and services to her target market. She is consistently creating new avenues and new opportunities to empower women to give themselves permission to live the lives they desire to live unapologetically.

What are some key steps to mending “brokenness” from painful experiences?

The truth is, as cliche as it sounds, you really have to admit you’re broken. Too many of us sit back and pretend we are all good. That things are okay in and around our lives. But the truth is, things are falling apart all around us. Something as simple as saying “I am hurting” can change the trajectory of your life. It’s because there’s admittance and acceptance that things can be better and that things need to change.

What can readers expect from your new book, Mending After The Break”?

They can expect a word!!!! I had to reread it several times during the editing and compiling stages and all I kept saying was wow! You are giving it girl! Are you sure? God are you sure!!?? When I answered the call to coach I knew that I would have to get from behind the screen and work. That I would have to allow people to see me. They would only know I was able to help them if they knew what I had been “processed” through. Mending After The Break is that for me. The two most influential relationships I’ve ever had wrapped in the lessons and blessings of my life! I wanted people to see that no matter what is happening, they can win. They can get beyond what makes them feel they can’t make it through what they face! I want this book to be transformational in every way for any woman who has loved deeply and lost as deeply.

What inspired you to write this book?

I started writing this book when I was nineteen! I was writing about my life and all the things I had seen as a child. I wanted to talk about how my parents jacked me up and the journey to a more complete, whole and better me. But I lost my dad to cancer in 2015 and I decided it wasn’t fair to write it so I put it down. That was the same year many other things changed in my life and I felt like I was on the bottom. I started blogging for a while before that and so I knew something would come forth. I was doing a lot of healing writing! As I truly started to see where I was in 2017, I decided I would coach and after answering that call, God dropped the title in my spirit.  I ran with it! Started the night he gave the title to me. I picked the book back up but also started writing about the brokenness I felt from my recently ended relationship. The lessons I had learned about me from it and it just came together! This all was the evolution of me and transcending the mindset that I wasn’t good enough. I knew it would bless whoever read it even though I was shaking in my boots telling it!

What is purposeful living defined as to you?

To be purposeful is to intentionally do what feeds and satisfies you on a holistic level. Mind. Body. Soul. It means that you create and set boundaries that protect the space you are creating for you and when something comes in to threaten the space you have created, you are able to respond in a way that serves you. It means being committed to the Journey Of Self that we so often neglect. You have to realize the significance of healing and growing in the areas of your life that have stopped you from being your best self and living the elevated life you’ve so often longed for and knew you deserved.

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All images by Karima Williams