Comedian and social media influencer, Kevin Fredericks, who is known to many as “KevOnStage” is currently touring the U.S. on the ‘Real Comedians of Social Media Tour’ along with Tahir Moore and Tony Baker Comedy.

With nearly 5 million combined followers across social media and nearly 140 million views on YouTube, Kevin Fredericks, aka KevOnStage, is an El Paso, TX native and fast-rising entertainer. Kev serves as an actor, comedian, playwright, producer, director, filmmaker and full-on content creator.

Standing at the forefront of the fastest moving technology trend — social media — Kev has already sold out a 50-city self-produced tour, wrote and produced a Nickelodeon sketch comedy show, wrote, directed and produced two movies, and grew comedy and entertainment platform All Def Digital from 300K fans to over 10 million plus!

His beautiful wife, Melissa Fredericks is a very strong, influential presence by his side and truly is the backbone in her husband’s life and career. She is truly inspiring to women by helping to spread a message of self-care, family balance, fellowshipping and communication, which has captivated audiences internationally! Outside of teaming up to handle business with tours and more, she and her husband Kev come together to host a hilarious and inspiring podcast titled, “Love Hour” which shines light on their personal experiences with love, marriage & relationships.

Check out what this beautiful couple shared with me recently during our discussion!

Kevin “KevOnStage”

What is one of the most rewarding parts about being part of the “Real Comedians of Social Media U.S. Tour?”

It allows me to have the opportunity to live a dream with my family & friends.

Since your rise to fame on social media, what other avenues have you ventured into outside of Comedy?

Podcasting has been a recent endeavor that I find a lot of fulfillment in. Eventually, I would love to get into TV & movies.

How important do you feel Social Media has been towards helping shine the light on your gift as a Comedian?

Social media has played an integral role in shining a light. It allows me to perform in living rooms across the country…the world, even.  It’s been paramount.

How has your faith impacted your career and your family life?

My faith is the foundation of who I am. It impacts the way I see the world and the decisions I make.  

What upcoming events or projects do you have coming up?

KevOnEverything is a Facebook show that I partnered with All Def Digital on-it drops in June. I’m really excited about this endeavor!

Melissa “MrsKevOnStage”

What do you enjoy most about performing on ‘Real Comedians of Social Media U.S. Tour?’

I love performing live because the feedback is instant.  I consider myself a teacher, so head nods and ‘ah-ha’ moments are my lifeline and you don’t get that when you’re recording.

Tell me about hosting the “Love Hour’ Podcast with your husband & what inspired you to start your show?

The Podcast started from our love of marriage & relationships.  We hosted a small live event in our hometown of Tacoma, Washington-from there we launched the podcast.  It’s a therapeutic form of healing & humor that we hope to offer to our audience.

What are some ways you create balance between life in the media and family time?

I actually don’t believe balance is possible.  I think life is more about adjusting and correcting along the way. I believe if we strive for balance the byproduct is guilt when it isn’t achieved. Instead of evaluating your life & recognizing you’ve veered too far off and you need to adjust or correct…because life is seasonal and what you do today won’t work tomorrow.

What advice would you give to married women who have spouses in the spotlight?

Communicate.  The most dangerous place to be in a relationship is in silence.  Silence allows the narratives in your mind to run wild and you’ll create story lines that don’t exist.  Communicate often about your feelings, and develop strategies that you’re both comfortable with.

What events or projects do you have coming up?

The Love Hour Conference is Jul 9-11, 2020.  It will be a time for couples to (re)connect with a weekend filled with information, love, and memories.  Registration is open now, click here for more information!


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All images by JoVen Tosh