I honestly believe that anything you learn in the gym or the yoga studio can be applied to life. Strength training, endurance, flexibility & core stability are all tools you can use to, not only survive life’s challenges, but thrive!

Today’s lesson focuses on endurance, specifically, Isometric holds. An Isometric exercise is any exercise that you hold for a period of time. These exercises, which are great to not only build muscle, but build mental strength & endurance as well, can be done with other exercises or by themselves.

Here’s a full body routine that’s sure to work up a sweat & build that mental acuity; Modifications are pictured:

Wall Sit 30 Seconds-1 Minute (Pictured above, left)

Dumbbell Squats (light to moderate weight), 12-15 Repetitions


Dead Hang 30sec-1min (Full pictured above center, modified pictured below)

Latissimus Pull Downs (light to moderate weight) 12-15reps


Push-ups 10-15reps (Pictured below modified)


Plank 30sec-1min (Pictured below modified)


Rest 1 minute between sets. Do this routine 2-3 times per week to see positive changes in your body & experience greater mental focus in your life!