Corrie Harris is providing a platform for urban and multicultural designers to get more exposure. In 2012, Harris designed which has taken flight over the last year to help designers land placements in TV/film, such as, Chiraq, Empire, and Zoe Ever After. Her love for representing designers of color and building a platform to help them get noticed gives her faith to take this business to the next level. Harris expressed her love and excitement about the plans for 2016 with Sheen Magazine, and how EnTouch Fashion got its start.

Tell me about your website What motivated you to build a platform for designers?

I started EnTouch Fashion in 2012. is a platform for multicultural up and coming designers to be seen and to have a voice. My goal is to push the urban/multicultural up and coming designer who gets left in the background, and doesn’t have as much exposure as they need. I’m able to provide that platform, and give them the chance to feature in television shows, feature films, and to work with celebrities.

What motivated you to build such a platform for designers?

I’ve been in the business before, and my husband has been a costume designer for nearly 20 years. We have 2 children so I wasn’t able to step forward like I wanted to in the past. I’ve assisted him, and I saw there were a lot of designers who come up to the sets to present to the costume designers. They try to get representation, and there is not enough representation for designers especially not designers of color. And I thought this was a good time; now that my children are 22 and 19, I have time to myself to really step out and provide this opportunity for other designers.

What are some designers you represent?

It’s all based by project, and I don’t take them on for a long time. I have worked with Reuben Reuel, designer of domestic who has done work for Beyonce, Charles Harbison for Empire, Chiraq for Spike Lee, and just wrapped up production for Zoe Ever After for Brandy Norwood. So I have been so blessed over the last year that projects have been coming to help designers get these placements and things like that.

Some of your clients have been featured on Chiraq and Zoe Ever After. How were you able to help them with those placements?

Over the last couple of decades I have developed relationships, and some people I don’t talk to every year or month. Yet, I am so grateful that they know I am serious about what I am doing, and about my calling and purpose. They give me the opportunity to show them what my services provide, so I have the connections. I just want to be a platform, whether through major media or social media, for designers ready to go to another level.

Are you still interested in becoming an actress?

Oh, no I’ve found my calling! That was in the early 90s, I was in my early 20s . I had 2 children, I did 2 small parts in 2 major films, and I was in 2 national commercials. It’s too much for a young mother trying to get your life together, and trying to get grounded in that industry. You have to have your mind right to get in acting. It gave me an opportunity to meet so many people though.

When you started EnTouch Fashion in 2012, what was your biggest fear?

I just realized fear is all in the mind, and I did not have any fear. I would hesitate and procrastinate, but I was like time is going to keep passing by. If you don’t do it someone else will, so you just move and things will present themselves! It will guide you in the right direction, so just step out and have faith that you will get where you need to be!

What do you see for the future of your company?

I’m extremely excited about 2016, and feel blessed about what has happened in one year. I want to take it to the next level! I’d like to have a larger roster of designers to have enough variety for stylists and costume designers to present. People of color set trends and years down the road it becomes bigger and is something that we end up buying.

What type of fashion or design do you look for?

I’m more conservative at times. I’m open and as long as people have quality, that’s what I look for. I’m for opening up my point of view, so I look for quality and not style more and if it’s for a project then who am I to deny?

I would love for designers, stylists, and costume designers to send me things even if it is raw. Please contact me! I am optimistic and I am inspired by the world, and even though there are negative things happening there is still so much beauty in fashion and art. Those who are ready to take their brand to the next level, I am here to assist!

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