What happens when you’ve been told that you are too old to do something you love?  In my case, it motivated me even more! Something came over me when my daughters went away to college. I was put into a new role that I had to get used to…empty nester. Did becoming an empty nester mean that life was over? No! For me it meant becoming a new and improved me.

I realize that to some I may be too old for some spaces, but I decided to create my own space.  I always loved fashion and inspiring others, so I decided to become an influencer, just because I wanted to.  I embrace aging. I celebrate the gray hairs that sprout out of my head and wear clothes that make me feel beautiful.

Fashion is my passion! Who says that just because you grow older, you have to throw away your wardrobe and wear pieces that make you feel unsexy, unattractive or just plain boring? You’ve been on earth long enough to be you, do you and wear what makes you feel good!

Now, I’m not focused on being too old, or dressing too young. My mind’s on thanking God for the life that I have and celebrating that He has given me the opportunity to live it to the fullest.  As you continue your journey, remember to be the authentic you that you were created to be at any age!


This feature was submitted by Tasheika Bowen


Tasheika Bowen, also known as Empty Nest Empress, is a Marketing Coordinator & Specialist by profession, but holds many other roles, such as author, poet, teacher, wife and mom.  She loves indulging in her favorite passion…fashion!  A Poshmark Ambassador and eBay reseller, Tasheika enjoys thrifting and selling preloved items for others to call their own.  Tasheika has entered the empty nest phase of her life, but looks at it as a new beginning.  She continues to walk boldly in her life’s purpose which is to spread the love of Christ, while encouraging others to love and accept themselves simply as who they are…at any age.