There is so much power in progress! At one point in time in order to travel safely across North America, African Americans referred to The Negro Motorist Green Book. During the time period (1936 to 1966), a growing number of African Americans began purchasing cars and wanted to venture to new locations. Victor Hugo Green created the book as a resource for African Americans, an informative guide which highlighted specific locations, considered to be relatively safe during the Jim Crow era.

Now let’s take a minute to absorb that. If you’re scrolling down your timeline, you see traveling is more convenient for almost everyone, while regulations have been put in place to likewise make it safer. Although there is beauty in this, it is important to remember that the traveling freedom we love today was a very different matter for our ancestors, and we also shouldn’t forget to applaud those who paved the way for our sightseeing adventures.

As the president and CEO of the National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators, and Developers Andy Ingraham has made it his life’s mission to shift the landscape of the hospitality industry by assisting people of color in learning to become owners themselves. For as long as he can remember, Andy has been surrounded by the hospitality, food, and beverage industries. From watching his father to his first job at IHOP as a dishwasher, at an early age, he realized the tourism sector was naturally progressing and would only continue to grow.


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