Creative Director, Ryan Barker has proven time and time again that he may know a thing or two when it comes to the fashion space. The young Houston-based creative truly has an eye for aesthetics that have helped his clients over the years take their fashion and closets to the next level. I recently caught up with Ryan to discuss his passion for fashion, his goals and aspirations in this space, and much more.

What inspired the creation of your showroom, Muse’s Kloset LLC?

The Kloset was created out of last resort, I had a client, no one wanted to style her, and we could not find a boutique that was willing to sponsor clothing. However, we did not let that stop us from creating fashionable moments. We would buy pieces and use them. Once we got the picture, we would just put it up and it was not to be seen again. After we decided to part ways, I ended up with a kloset full of clothing and that’s when the idea popped in my head to have a Kloset sale. People loved the idea of gently worn celebrity clothing so that’s how the Kloset was born.

Did you always know fashion was the path you would take in your journey?

NOOOOOO, actually I wanted to be a personal assistant. That was my goal. I created a whole system on how to be an effective assistant. With my former client, I was everything. An assistant, stylist, manager, and more. So, fashion came in the process of all that. Being plus size, I really didn’t think the fashion community would welcome me, especially being a guy. Now for plus size ladies there’s a space for that but no one in my opinion wanted to see a guy with a belly in high end fashions. However, I found my voice and said “WHATEVER, this is my life and I choose to live it my way!”

How would you describe being a creative during this time of the ongoing pandemic?

WOW, creatives had really shown out during this pandemic! Apps such as Clubhouse have really brought the world together and your favorite influencers are more accessible. Virtual fashion shows have become the norm. Zoom meetings have replaced office meetings. So being creative in this pandemic has either made you or broke you.

 What are you currently working on?

Well adding to my showroom is my focus right now. Working with new designers, especially black designers excites me. Being able to provide a platform for new creatives to showcase their talent is a gift within itself for me. Someone gave me a chance, why not give it back? I have the opportunity to work with designers such RoyalWay Design. He’s an African designer that’s about to take the fashion world by storm. 

What can we expect to see from Muse’s Kloset LLC in the future?

I want to work with more stylists and designers. I want to be working with more publications. I want more people to see Muse’s Kloset as the go to for their fashion needs. I also want to work with established brands such as Chanel, YSL, and Alice and Olivia. But my work with new brands is my life’s work and inspiring a new generation of black creatives.  

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Featured Image by September Visuals