De’Anna Liz is a model, poet, and philanthropist who is dedicating her efforts to uplift and empower women around the world. The Naked Campaign focuses on women that have been abused via violence, women dealing with self-love challenges, women with low self-esteem issues, women who have been raped and women dealing with mental health challenges stemming from life adversities. On May 1st at 5:01 pm, celebrity influencers will use their social media platforms to support the campaign by posting a unified image and message for mental health awareness.

Tell us about your May campaign and what inspired it.

What inspired #DareToGoNaked was the idea that Mental Health is such a common issue that hits all human beings. It sees no color, financial status, gender or demographic. I want to make it normal to discuss the issues. Not only making the issues out and open but provide solutions to help mend and grow as individuals.

How do you hope the campaign will impact people? What should they learn from it?

The way I hope “Naked” will impact people is by being more open with their internal struggles. Instead of oppressing the emotions, it is better to ride that wave and let it go. We as individuals are so programmed to hold on to this emotion. Then the goal would be to orchestrate art-related programs to target a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and sexually.

Which influencers have confirmed to participate so far?

The influencers that are involved thus far are Teairra Mari, Miss Nikki Baby, Bambi, Kimbella, Karlie Redd, Spice, Deelishis, Dutchess, Claire from Fashion Bomb daily, models. The list is endless and impactful!

What is next for you and your brand in 2019?

In 2019 You will see many runway presentations exposing the “norm” of mental health. Using the fashion platform to discuss such normal issues that seem to stay in the dark. More women empowerment panels and much more is in store!

How can readers stay connected with you online or learn more about the campaign?

Readers can stay connected with the naked campaign on the official website (please register for our forum by May 1st!).

The goal is to create a safe platform to guide, uplift and empower our women!

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All images by Adrian Thomas and Lorenzo Smith