With the “Conversations in the Gallery,” presented by Richard Beavers Gallery and BK Reader, there has been a fresh and exciting way to create dialogue between successful Brooklyn entrepreneurs and the community. This month’s event will take place TODAY at 6:30-9:00pm with special guest Latesha Williams, co-founder of Cards For All People.

Cards For All People is a cultural, casual gaming company that humorously celebrates the diverse subcultures of America. The company’s first product, Black Card Revoked, was released in July 2015 and has since gained popularity among the black community, even becoming a game show on BET where Williams is also the co-executive producer.

Founded in July 2015, Cards For All People has quickly become the leader in casual cultural gaming with products for women, people of color and the LGBTQ community.

Richard Beavers Gallery, established in 2007, is a contemporary fine art gallery. The collection primarily consists of artists whose work depicts various aspects of life in an urban environment through a multitude of genres. The artwork is inspired by the culture of these communities and addresses the many social and political issues in the forefront of society. The Richard Beavers Gallery aims to educate, inspire, and stir consciousness – whether you are a seasoned collector, art appreciator, or merely have an interest in art, alike.

Conversations in the Gallery is a monthly, series held at the distinguished and renowned Richard Beavers Gallery in Bedford Stuyvesant, moderated by Zawadi Morris, founder of BK Reader, Central Brooklyn’s leading hyperlocal news service. The mission of Conversations in the Gallery is to spark thoughtful conversations regarding art, literature, fashion, lifestyle, and culture, attracting guests who are influencers in their particular fields, rooted in the arts.


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Featured Image: Zawadi Morris Speaks With Legendary Photographer Jamal Shabazz : Photo by Jordan Rathkopf