“I just want everyone to understand that although BRWN Beauty is the celebration of melanin,
it’s really for everyone. My products benefit everyone’s skin, it’s for everyone.”

She’s a take charge woman and the true definition of a boss lady. Asheya Dixon is the creator of BRWN Beauty. An all inclusive beauty line that caters to the needs of all skin types. Though life has thrown challenges her way over the course of her life, Dixon has continued to stand tall amongst the various obstacles she has experienced. We sat down to get the scoop on how the idea of BRWN Beauty came about and how the products Dixon created have become everything we could’ve asked for and more!

Can you tell us a little about yourself and how the idea for BRWN Beauty came about?

There’s so much to know about Asheya, I could write a book but to sum it up, I grew up in a military household, both of my parents served in the Army. I’m the oldest of four so obviously that means it was my job to take care of my brothers and sisters. When I left the house, I served in the Army for eight years. I used that as an opportunity to grow as an individual and get my education. I studied business and graduated with my Bachelors degree. I have two children, my son is 15-year old and my daughter is eight-years old. Unfortunately, most of my adult life, I was a single parent and probably not in the best relationships, of course until I met my husband, who is also in the military, he serves in the Air Force. I met him going through a bad break up at the time, which was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me. 

“I always tell people, sometimes when you’re faced with obstacles, you should take
it as a “Challenge Accepted” thing because there is always a light at the
end of the tunnel. Sometimes those obstacles are really good for you.”

Around that time, I was determined to get my life together. I began writing and putting together a plan for my business. Little did I realize, all of those obstacles and lessons helped opportunities come into play when I started my ecommerce business. When you’re an entrepreneur and start a business, you become every role in the business. I became successful at my ecommerce business and I founded BRWN Beauty as a result. Brwn Beauty was born out of a need to cure my extremely dry skin and eczema as a result of moving to Arizona in the summer time and it just being very hot. It was extreme, dry heat and sucked the moisture out of my skin. I was never able to keep my skin moisturized. There were no products for me, I saw that many of them had chemicals, parabens, sulfates. I saw the void and used it as an opportunity to create BRWN Beauty and make a line that didn’t have chemicals. The community I live in does not really cater to women of color so I had to formulate products that best suited my skin.

How do you believe your military experience has helped pave the direction you are currently taking in life?

If you want to know something about the military, it’s that the military instills so many values in you from start to finish. The good thing is that both my parents were in the military, so I was prepared. If you weren’t a tough person before, you’re absolutely tough when they’re done with you. What the military teaches is very valuable. It teaches you physical and mental strength, teamwork, it is the foundation of who I am and also what BRWN Beauty is built on. We’re here to help people and solve problems.

When you first envisioned BRWN Beauty, what did you see?

I wanted to resolve my current skin issue but for BRWN Beauty, I see a whole tribe of different colors of the rainbow. We all stand and represent the same thing: that’s inclusion, demanding better quality products, respect, and more attention to our needs as people. BRWN Beauty is the direct representation of myself and the celebration of melanin. Melanin ranges in all complexions. When I say celebration, it’s about how we take care of our skin and the products we use. That’s how I see BRWN Beauty.

Do you mind sharing what your favorite product from BRWN Beauty is?

I love the lotions. It’s more of a cream but it’s soft, silky, and it has a sweet, chocolately smell. It’s not too strong and reminds me of the smell of coco butter. The formula is so light, that’s what I love about my body lotion. It is very moisturizing.

What can we expect from BRWN Beauty in 2018?

Well for BRWN Beauty in 2018, we are currently working on building relationships with as many people as possible. We want to make sure that we take all of the products that we have and put it in every household so it becomes everyone’s staple item. In addition to that, we’re forming partnerships and in the process of bringing Brwn Beauty to shelves everywhere!

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