This one is for the natural hair beauties!
db_file_img_3806_420x420The two products I used were the Curl Keeper Gel and the Styling Cream. Of the two products, my favorite product from the collection was the Styling Cream. It made my hair very soft and manageable but my only complaint was I wish the cream was thicker and able to leave my hair moisturized for a longer period of time. The moisture level was great on freshly washed hair but those of us looking for moisture to be locked in may prefer a thicker consistency.
Overall, the products are great but women with very thick hair may have a harder time with retaining moisture. The styling cream would be an amazing base for the L.C.O. (liquid, cream and oil) or L.O.C. method for extended moisture in the winter months.
Curl Keeper is available online and at your local Target