Darius McGrew, a native of Florida has been revealing a more transparent side with the release of his latest album, “This Is Me”, which creates a beautiful ambiance of flavorful lyrics!

“This is Me” has something for everyone. Something you can hum too, something you can nod your head to, and lyricism you gotta love.”

The talented artist states that his inspiration for the creativity comes from his initial experience as a spoken word artist. “I’m inspired by song and conversation. I started with spoken word and that showed me the power of positivity. I loved the raw impact of the written word. I think music is so powerful and can be so effective in sending a message, so I develop an opinion and try to package it in the best way I know how.”

Darius mentions that the necessary skills to creating a hit single come from building an audience and connecting with the right people. “You can have Grade A production and great lyrics, but it’s not a “hit” unless the world hears it.”

The artist also recently released two hit singles, “Heartbreak 30″ and “Full Circle.”

“I wrote “Heartbreak 30” when I was sitting in class next to my ex. I looked at the clock and something told me it was time to commit, and I started writing the album right there.”

“Full Circle” was the first beat I ever bought. I bought it my freshman year and forgot about it until three years later when scrambling to finish the album. I gave it to sneak (Sneakerheaddread, my producer) and, as he chopped it up, I started spittin’ on the spot.”

What types of people do you feel will easily relate to the music you create?

“I thought my music would only appeal to the college audience because that’s all I’d written for in the past. But when I started performing with a live band in Atlanta, I realized that people of all ages appreciate my music. Everyone likes to see black kids with ambition.”

As a songwriter, how does the sound of music today make you feel in comparison to the music of the 90s?

“I think music in the ’90s was more raw – uncut even. These days, it’s rare for someone to make music without looking for a big check.”

What new music projects do you have coming up next?

“Tune In” is a series of 60-second verses and visuals I’ll be releasing on IG. I’ll produce, record, film, and edit everything myself. Fans can comment on what song or theme they want to see me do next!

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All images by J. Monroe