Let me set the scene for you…

My roommate (B-Rich) is a legally separated 50-year-old woman who hasn’t really lost her groove, just trying to keep it. She’s spunky, funny, and very outgoing. She meets guys all the time who ask her out, buy her flowers, and different gifts, just because. This particular story I’m going to tell y’all about had my mouth wide open in awe of the audacity this guy had.

Last week, B-Rich met this guy at work, they had a short conversation and he asked her out on a date, she hesitated but accepted. She was a little reluctant because he has a 14 year old and a two year old. The date was set for Friday at 9pm. First thing that went wrong, he was 30 minutes late. She still went on the date. The next morning, she told all about it…

During dinner, he shared with her that he was still living with the mother of his 14-year-old; they’re not together, but they still live together for the sake of the child (side eye). He goes on to tell her that he also has a two year old by another woman!



This is the issue, there are men who think it is acceptable to be living in a household with the mother of their child and pursue other women because they “aren’t together”. The next issue is that they want the woman who they’ve just met to accept this and continue to date them! They think that because they’re being honest with the woman, she should accept it. No, being honest gives the woman a fair choice of whether they want to stay and deal with the foolishness or move on with their life. It’s just crazy because this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a situation like this. Thankfully, I haven;t had to personally deal with a man in this situation.

Women, do not allow these men to play games with your mind just because they are being “straight forward” with what they have going on in their lives. Know your worth and understand you deserve better and don’t need to accept such things.

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