“ To be able to lead others, a man must be willing to go forward alone”

I don’t want to do what’s popular.  I want to do what’s right. That’s how I was raised and that’s how I’ll be until the day I die.

This is a workout I still utilize today. People fail to realize that the goal as a professional athlete is ultimately to be as healthy as possible while still performing at a high level and this workout will give great results, but also has movements incorporated that will show benefits in your everyday life and long term health!

NFL Athlete Workout

Part 1: Lift Sets X Reps Tempo Rest
Squats 4×8 Moderate 1min
Leg Press 4×8 Moderate 1min
1A. Step Ups 4×10 each leg Moderate
1B. Step-Up Jumps 4×10 each leg Moderate 1min
2A. Walking Lunge with Dumbbells 4 x 10 each leg Moderate
2B. Glute Hamstring Raise
4 x 10
Slow 1min
Hamstring Curl on Ball 4 x 15/ 15 single leg, 15 double leg Fast 1min
Standing Calf Raise (4 sec. pause at bottom stretch position) 4 x burn Slow 1min
1A. Medicine Ball Rotary Twist 3 x 50 Fast
1B. Ab Bicycle Twists at 45-degrees 3 x 100 Fast 1min
2A. Hollow Hold, 5 seconds 3 x 15 Fast
2B. Crossover Crunch 3 x 30/30 Fast 1min
Part 2. Speed Power Sets X Reps Tempo Rest
Single Leg Jump Rope  6 x 30 sec. on each leg 1min
5-yard Side Shuffle 4 x 15 sec Explosive 1min
6-inch Hurdle Step Out 4 x 15 sec Explosive 1min
Split Squat Jumps 4×10 each leg Explosive 1min
Squat Jumps 4 x 10 Explosive 1min
Tuck Jumps 4 x 10
Explosive 1min
300 Yard Short Shuttle Conditioning (25 yards and back, 6 times) 3 Reps Quick 2min

Having a proper diet is the hardest things for most people to master, and I honestly feel its because of the added stress we put on ourselves when tying one. Every person is unique and it’s important to be mindful of what works for you. My best results have come when I’ve simply ate a balanced whole food diet that was plant based (meaning vegetables were a large portion of each meal. I still eat meat). Also making sure that the sources of your proteins and vegetables are of the best quality. This honesty makes so much difference, and your body will thank you over time.

Finally cut the sugar. Unless it’s a natural source I’ve found sugar (and alcohol) to be the most harmful things to my body, from holding water weight, to swelling and of course weight gain.