I tell women all the time to be fabulous in your Lisa Nicole. I want women
to feel unstoppable and powerful, but comfortable in the statement they’re making.

From designer and business mogul to women’s empowerment advocate, Lisa Nicole Cloud’s talent, determination, and keen business sense has turned her into an ultimate influencer and international brand. She is not only a leading voice in entrepreneurship but a highly sought after name in fashion.

What’s your relationship to fashion?

I have always been a very successful businesswoman. I started doing business conferences which were more women business related. One of the things that would always come up was, “How do I get men or people, in general, to take me serious in business?” As a natural part of the conversation, we would always talk about dressing up for success, not the position you have, but the position you want. So I decided to create a clothing line for women who wanted to make a statement that was on trend and didn’t break the bank. When I started making my own pieces, everyone said they loved what I was wearing and that launched the Lisa Nicole Collection.


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