Daring, glamorous and always beat to perfection Destiny Lashae captivates audiences all over the world with her contagious lovable spirit. Destiny shares her personal journey thorough makeup and more!

How did you get into make-up?

I would say I got into make-up because I love art. I always loved it. I used to draw a lot back then I knew nothing about make-up. In high school, all I knew about make-up was eyeliner and mascara. I knew nothing about make-up. Make-up just wasn’t what it is now. So, I would draw all the time and I was always in art classes when I wasn’t supposed to be. When I got older, I started watching make-up tutorials. I got started by playing on my face and experimenting. When I discovered it was a kind of art form, I began to love it even more. After that, I started getting more into it, researching, finding what products to use, I just fell into it after that and fell in love.

What is your earliest memory with make-up?

The first time I bought my first lipstick, it was MAC Ruby Woo and I was so excited! I saved up all my coins for it. You know, back then, if you did not have MAC then you were not doing it right. When I put it on, I was like oh my gosh, I’m wearing it everyday. That was a memory for me that I will never forget because I saved my coins to get it and it was just something so special for me.

What are some goals you have set for yourself in the YouTube world and outside of it?

As for a long-term goal, I would love to start my own make-up line because there are more inclusive lines now more than ever. Woman of color or even women with paler skin tones are left out of the spectrum foundation wise. Most of the time, women of color are an after thought in make-up and I want to create a line that is specifically for women that are often left out in the make-up community.

Do you have any advice for woman aspiring to become a beauty guru?

I feel like everyone says this but, be yourself. Stay true to who you are. Do you. Always remember what inspired you at the beginning.\

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Featured Image provided by Destiny Lashae