Back in the ’90s Lil’ Kim came into the hip-hop scene and surely proved that the rap space was not just for men.

Today, she’s known as one of the most iconic artists of all time for her hit singles to her most memorable fashion looks, it’s clear she’s made her mark in both music and fashion.

During ComplexCon, Lil Kim discussed her impact on fashion with her stylist and longtime friend, Misa Hylton.

She mentioned her look in her memorable music video, “Crush on You” and stated, “It set the tone for my career.” Indeed it did because people are still talking about that look to this very day!

When it came down to discussing whether or not she’d be releasing a clothing line of her own, she said, “…Whether that happens or not, I’m going to keep stepping and doing what I do in fashion and being fly. That’s never going to change. I love clothes.”

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