We know that for celebrities, indulging in various sorts of entertainment is not a new thing. Beyond the glamorous lifestyle, many celebrities like artists and musicians seek to take fun to the next level with casino games.

Be it poker, roulette, cranking slot machines, online casinos or some other casino game – celebrities are often crazy about the excitement and thrill.

However, there are a few celebrities who don’t shy away from the fact that they love casino games. And here in this post, we will talk about a few of the super popular celebrities who enjoy casino games.


1- Jennifer Tilly

The popular American-Canadian actress who is known for her distinctive nasal voice and comedic timing is a big poker fan. She has not only seen huge success in the film industry but has also been an astute poker player. 

Jennifer’s movie career took off in the 90s when she played roles in a number of films. In the meantime, Jen’s poker skills also kept her super popular in the poker arena. She even went on to showcase her prowess in poker to the world by taking part in big poker tournaments. Among the different tournaments, she also competed in the World Series of Poker.

Jennifer’s achievements in poker also ended up earning her a bracelet prize. This bracelet had been a great addition to her already spectacular list of awards and accolades. Her dedication to the game has given her a respected status in the world of poker.


2- Ben Affleck

The big Hollywood star is known for his role as Batman and many other big roles. Ben Affleck finds his place among the most popular Hollywood movie stars and he did quite a number of successful movies such as Town Clerks, Good Will Hunting, and more. This movie star is also well known for his interest in high-stakes poker.

When he’s not acting on a set, one of his pastime activities is to enjoy poker. Ben’s penchant for the game has given him a lot of spotlight when he won the California State Poker Championship in 2004 – showing his prowess in the poker game. 

Due to this interest, he has often been spotted in popular casinos like the famous Las Vegas Strip and others. Who knows if the actor also finds online casino reviews interesting?


3- Matt Damon

Fans know very well that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are longtime friends. But, did you know that just like Affleck, Damon also shares a love for poker? Both movie stars had an epic movie career, and both acted as heroes in their respective roles.

A few of the super famous movies of Matt Damon are The Bourne Franchise, The Martian, Interstellar, and others. And the times when Matt Damon is not doing a movie, you can find him at some lush casino on a poker desk. Matt Damon, like his friend Ben Affleck, has been spotted several times taking part in poker tournaments.

In fact, in the 2019 World Series of Poker, Matt almost made it to the finale. This showed his passion, love and skill for the game.


4- Drake

The music industry also has gems that take an active interest in casino games. Apart from the music making and rapping, Drake the rapper is also known for sharing a penchant for casino games. The rapper has often been spotted at big casinos, especially in Las Vegas.

Be it the slot machines, or other types of casino games, Drake seems to have some of the best times of his life playing casino games. Drake even went on to show his love for the game in his song lyrics. Doing so further made the fact prominent that he’s a fan of the casino thrill.


5- Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire is known best for his heroic role in the Spider-Man franchise. You may be surprised to know that Tobey too is a big fan of poker. When not slinging webs from one building to another, Tobey loves to play poker. However, this star has also moved on to show that he can brightly shine in other movie characters too.

Maguire also falls on the list of big-time celebrities who share a liking for casino games. And the one that he likes the most is poker. Like Matt Damon, Tobey Maguire has also been known for participating against some of the very well-renowned poker players. His competitive nature and skill in the game have helped him gain substantial success in the game.