Take a close look at the people surrounding you; they are there for a reason. Whether it be at your job, your college, or even your family members; those people surrounding you are there for a divine reason. Divine means to be related to God, in other words, there is a purpose behind the people in your life. Here may be some of the reasons:

  1. Blessing

Sometimes beyond our understanding, people are placed in our lives to truly love us. Your close friends and family members, the people who know you the best, those people that always have your back and support you. Those people serve as your blessings and they are not to be taken for granted. They are there to be an example of God’s love for you, to be a source of freedom and fun. When you have loved ones in your life that are blessings, love them back as they love you but even more because they are divine blessings and gifts from God.

  1. Lesson

Then you have those other people in your life that you knew you shouldn’t have let in your inner circle. Those people who may have had good intentions or not, but things just went completely left after a while. They are purposeless. Rather than being hurt or frustrated and confused of why that person “did that” or thinking that person was “a waste of time”, think of the lesson(s) they taught you. Whether a good experience or a poor one, every person in your life serves a purpose, never disregard the lessons that you learn from the poor experiences because those lessons are just as valuable, if not more.

  1. Purpose Partner

Like I stated in my previous article “Divine Purpose”, because you are alive you have a purpose and a duty to fulfill. There is a talent purposely placed in you from God that the world needs. Just as God gives you your purpose, He also places people in your life that are your divine connections. Those are the people that may help or inspire you tremendously on your way to fulfilling your purpose. They may come in many different forms, but ultimately their reason for crossing paths with you is to help you get to your end goal.

Just as people serve in our lives as blessings, lessons, or purpose partners, we serve those positions in other peoples lives as well. It’s so important to always analyze the relationships you maintain. The people you keep in your inner circle, as well as the people surrounding you have a direct influence on you and can either help you or hurt you in reaching your divine purpose. Whether a blessing or a lesson, every person that crosses your path and enters into your world can and will be used for your good if you allow it.

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