If you are reading this article, then let me inform you that you have a purpose. If you are alive, this is for a special and specific reason. There are talents and gifts that you possess that are unique because they are yours. No one is born without intention; therefore, everyone has a reason for existing. If you are a singer, you are the only person in the world with your gifted voice. If you are a poet or writer, only you can put pen to paper the way you do. Whatever it is that you love and are talented in, that is your gift and only you can do it the way you do. That is your superpower.

People live their entire lives unsure of their purpose and are sometimes completely clueless of exactly what it is. Well, purpose is an important thing to find because it creates your reason for living.

  1. What are Your Gifts?

We are all born with either something that we can naturally do very well or something that we automatically have a connection or infatuation with. Often times that is a reflection of your purpose. For example, if you have always been known to organize your own or other people’s spaces exceptionally well, that might mean that you have a future in interior designing. But I’m not talking about finding a good job and turning what you enjoy into a career. Purpose is bigger than a paycheck. Synonyms for purpose include big idea, dream, and ambition. Purpose is meant to be completed with the intention to effect positively not only you but many others surrounding you.

  1. What is Your Source?

You have to look deep into your heart and its desires. God has given me my purpose. He has turned my passions into my reasons for existing. Divine means to be directly related to God. To expand those talents, gifts, and natural abilities are blessings from God so that you may find joy in them and give joy to others. My source of existence is God, so in aligning myself with his love, I have received my purpose and you can too.

  1. What is Stopping You?

Fear is only a thought or a feeling. Fear is only what you make up in your head. Technically, it’s not real, because when you overcome it, it vanishes as if it never even existed. The only person that can ever defeat your purpose is you. Therefore, absolutely nothing is stopping you but yourself if you allow it. It doesn’t matter how scary it is. It doesn’t matter how out of the world it is. The only thing that matters, is that it’s yours.

So what is your divine purpose and how will you achieve it?

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