So, Nicki Minaj dropped something on her Twitter yesterday about Megatron. Obviously the internet world is in an uproar, anticipating perhaps new music? Of course new music. It’s been far too long. But for all we know, maybe Megatron is a new shoe line, bubble gum brand, or a hint that Nicki Minaj will play the voice of the nefarious Megatron in an upcoming animated Transformer flick. Some former player in the NFL has the nickname “Megatron,” maybe the two have a collaboration going on, are engaged perhaps? I kid. I kid.

Well, two hours ago Nicki posted a few photos on her Instagram both mentioning, of course, the mysterious Megatron. The first photo features Nicki standing in what looks like a fake jungle in front of a viper green Ferrari. To her left is an ancient looking gas pump, with vines all over it. Perhaps a comment on the recent decline in oil prices? Probs not. Her look is classic Nicki, a fur draped around one shoulder, wearing shades…but does it give us any clue into just what Megatron means?

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#Megatron + #QueenRadio 6|21

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However it’s the second group of photos, posted after the green car pic, which perhaps further hints that it is new music that we should be expecting. It’s not the red light shadowy sex den look of everything, as much as the camera. She’s filming! And since it’s rather obvious Nicki won’t be starring in a new Transformer movie…what else could she be doing besides making a music video, and even more specifically a new music video, which features…ta da…new music! Again, this all just a bunch of hypothesizing, but it makes sense. The world has been waiting long enough. So hopefully, here at SHEEN soon we’ll be changing the name Megatron, to the proper italicized version for Nicki Minaj’s new album, Megatron.

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