Our skin undergoes changes every day. There are many factors that influence the health of our skin, and seasonal change is one of them. Every season has positive as well as negative sides. During the winter season our skin needs more protection, moisture, and vitamin boost due to the low temperature and harsh winter conditions. These conditions cause our skin to go into survival mode. If you pay close attention, during the winter season we all feel drier, even people with oily and combination skin seem to notice some dry areas. Here is a list of must-have products, just in time for the winter season. These products work for any skin type. Our goal is to get our skin prepared for winter weather, and to make sure it’s healthy and glowing.

Cleanser – for the winter, you want to add either antioxidant cleanser or hydrating cleanser.  The cleanser function is to remove impurities and prepare our skin for the next step. We want to make it beneficial for skin, so foaming or creamy cleansers would be the best. I would avoid gel cleanser due to their nature of being more active.

Serum – serums that contain ferulic acid would be very beneficial, and protecting as well as moisturizing at the same time.

Facial cream – I would recommend with going with a heavier cream or moisturizer for winter season. More than ever our skin needs protection and something that will lock in moisture.

Nighttime care – our nighttime regimen should include nighttime treatment to revitalize the skin during nighttime.

Facial masks – Use a facial mask once or twice a week. Any vitamin-based mask will benefit your skin.

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