Bye, bye dry skin! Experience your softest skin ever, with Dove’s newest launch that’s changing the future of skincare, one bottle at a time. For the first time in 17 years, the iconic household name recreated the #1 selling body wash in the U.S. with new nano-technology to actively regenerate the skin’s moisture, along with an upgraded, modern bottle to accompany the new formula!


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Founded in 1957 with its moisturizing cream-infused Beauty Bar, Dove’s heritage is based on moisturization, and has grown into one of the world’s most beloved beauty brands. With a mission to broaden the definition of beauty, Dove is also committed to portraying women as they are in real life, featuring women of different ages, sizes, ethnicities, hair colors, types, and styles.

Dove says the future of moisture is Nano, and this groundbreaking advance in superior moisturization continuously nourishes the skin and improves its moisture barrier for a full 24 hours. The newly formulated, and PETA-approved Vegan Deep Moisture Body Wash is the first body wash in the U.S. market to harness nano-technology, and you’ve got to add this to your shower routine asap.

Dove’s Deep Moisture Body Wash has been my daily go-to shower essential for the past couple of weeks, and it’s been giving my skin the most luxurious and moisture-rich experience it deserves. It has a fresh and sophisticated scent that I’m absolutely in love with, and it even sticks around subtly throughout the day. With a creamy lather full of bubbles, Dove’s new formula continuously improves and nourishes with millions of MicroMoisture droplets that help boost and retain long-lasting moisture. After every shower, the formula works with the skin’s natural renewal processes to visibly reduce dryness by 50% thanks to the plant-based moisturizers, and the stearic and palmitic fatty acids. Once the droplets meet the skin, they fill the gaps and crevices of dry skin for a renewed and silky-smooth finish.

The Dove Revitalizante Body Wash offers a luxurious, pampering sensorial experience that not only boosts skin but ignites the senses. This bubbly and uplifting formula utilizes two Latin American-inspired ingredients, cherry, and chia milk which strengthen the skin barrier, and helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles. The formula comes out as a cherry-pink gel and is pretty liquidy, so you don’t have to squeeze liberally. Aside from the vibrant and uplifting aroma, what I love most about Revitalizante is how nicely it foams without requiring much effort, while also giving me a subtle radiance after stepping out of the shower. Revitalizante is the first Dove Body Wash with English and Spanish text on the bottle, and is also available in Beauty Bar and Exfoliating Body Polish formats!

Dove’s Deep Moisture Body Wash and Revitalizante Body Wash gently address the protective barrier on the skin, unlike some other body washes that can disrupt, or cause damage to, the skin’s natural renewal processes. My legs get extremely dry, especially in the winter, and I’ve tried other body washes that still leave my skin ashy and scaly after showering. Since swapping my usual body soap with Dove’s body washes, I’ve noticed my skin feeling softer, with even a few body breakouts noticeably reduced. Both body washes have been treating me with healthier-looking and more radiant skin, and I’ll definitely be restocking when these run out. I also love that the emulsified formulas rinse off cleanly in the shower, without leaving an itchy or sticky residue on the skin.

For the busy (or lazy) gals, these washes are perfect for a simple and beneficial body care regimen that you can actually stick to. Want to buff away dead skin cells? Scrub the body washes with a shower brush or loofah in circular motions and then rinse away to reveal smoother, refreshed skin. Dove’s shower-friendly bottle design makes these products super easy to use, allowing you to hold the Body Wash, flip the cap, and dispense the body wash with just one hand. Plus, Dove’s distinct droplet design still remains with the discreetly curved oval-shaped lid.

Dove’s Deep Moisture Body Wash, Revitalizante Body Wash, and newly reformulated range of favorites such as Sensitive Skin, Refreshing Cucumber and Green Tea, Glowing Mango and Almond Butters, and many more are now available at mass food and drug retailers nationwide. To learn more, visit!