As a psychology expert, life coach, motivational speaker, author, and the founder of The Dr. Bryant Institute, Dr. Cheyenne Bryant clearly holds many titles in life but she is our go-to woman when it comes to all things mental health. With her mission to spread awareness surrounding mental health and to help people manifest their life goals, she has successfully been able to use her expertise to help people around the world lead a healthier, happier life. We recently sat down with her to discuss all things surrounding mental health during Mental Health Awareness month, and much more!

How do you juggle life as a motivational speaker, author, and founder of your own health and wellness institute?

Well, (laughs) that is a great question. It is a lot of work; however, I always tell my clients that the key to being able to manage everything while still enjoying what you do is to find something that you absolutely love. Put a price to it and find people who will pay that price. The reason why that is so important is because it shouldn’t feel like you are juggling. It feels like you are always in a space where you can be authentic and be yourself, it’s called freedom. With that, you are able to make money doing that. My biggest wealth and my biggest paycheck is being able to change people’s lives and be a part of their journey. I love being with them along their journey and helping them manifest their dreams. I have clients who have been with me for so long that when they started off, they have families of their own. That process for me is amazing because when you do something that you love and fits who you are, then you won’t ever be juggling. You are just being. I always say doing is exhausting. Doing is liberating. Imagine purpose itself being in alignment and you get to live the best possible life, which is a human right for all of us. There is no better alignment than that. It’s only juggling when you’re doing something you don’t love, and that is when it’s not liberation.

Why are you so passionate about informing people about mental health?

I initially was going to enter law school. God is so amazing. I’m going to be honest and transparent, initially law school was attractive to me because the title of an attorney is very sophisticated. You make great money, right? And then, God said ‘That’s not it.’ I questioned that. I grew up wanting money and power. I was a young girl in my early 20s in undergrad. He starts to show me my own traumas and broken pieces. Once he showed that to me, showed me how to make peace out of my broken pieces, and showed me the power of my healing trauma and power of putting me together for the better good, I said ‘Wow, this is magic for me.’ I knew I had to take that magic and show people how to do it as well. Through that process, I found me, a lot of different moving parts of me. As I said early on, when you find you, you find your purpose. Through finding myself, I found my purpose. That purpose just so happens to be helping people obtain what I call God’s peace. It is so rewarding, it is an honor, and beyond a privilege for these people to allow me to be a part of their journey, to trust me with their traumas and their closest heartbreaks and thoughts. I couldn’t think of another field for myself that could be more rewarding than hearing my clients say something as small as ‘Thank you.’ That is what motivates me and keeps me humble, intrigued, excited, and on my toes in doing what I do in this field.

photo by Jordan Kelly

What advice would you offer our readers as we close out May – Mental Awareness month?

The best advice that I can give everyone including myself and you is that the best way to make sure you are keeping your mental health in the healthiest state possible, is to make sure you are being preventative. What does that mean? That means when there is a sign of any discord, loneliness, depression, or anxiety, you take action before they start to grow. Reach out to a mental health professional. It doesn’t matter who it is, if you don’t know a professional, reach out to your primary care doctor. Call the mental health hotline. Make sure you do it immediately. Depression is something that comes in sneakily. It is very much like an intruder. Your unaware that it’s there until all of a sudden, the lights go out and it’s dark. It’s very dark. Just like any room that is dark, it takes a lot of fumbling around and bumping into walls before you can find that light, which will turn it back on. If you can prevent it when you feel like its dimming, you can prevent the darkness. They key is to prevent darkness so that the light doesn’t stay off for many years. For some people, unfortunately they can stay off forever. That’s not what mental health is, whatsoever. That’s my advice, prevent it by taking action immediately, reaching out for help, and letting us help you help yourself.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see from you in 2021?

I am currently working on new online courses through The Dr. Bryant Institute. We offer courses that teach coaches and therapists how to effectively coach and start their private practice. We also have courses that teach folks about different coping methods, how to manifest the lives they want, positive thinking, and more. I also have my book, ABCs of Manifestation with DrCheyenne Bryant, which is also an online course that will hopefully be coming out this summer. We’re really excited about the launches happening very soon!

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