Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore is hands down a doctor with a heart for the people. She lead with compassion, grace, and incredible humility when dealing with her patients. I am more than convinced that she is a doctor that all of America will soon go on to love and look to for guidance when it regards the total health of one’s being. I had an opportunity to sit down with this phenomenal doctor. And here’s what she had to say:

Why are you so passionate about helping young girls and women?

I am passionate about helping young girls and women thrive because we are such a vital part of our families and communities. So many times I see women, diming their light, depressed, lacking confidence. I want to see women walk in their light and know that greatness lies within all of them. I believe women need mentors and coaching someone who is 10 -12 steps ahead of them who genuinely want them to win, and can guide through the challenges of life. It is so important for women to have someone to look up to that has already experienced what they are going through. A coach or a mentor can make all the difference in being successful and avoiding pitfalls.

 Are you open to mentoring?

 I am absolutely open to mentoring and coaching I highly recommend it. I have used business coaches and life coaches to get me through some of my toughest decisions in business and personal life. They have helped me save hundreds of thousands of dollars and helped me navigate through some of life’s challenges.

Tell us about your businesses.

My business is centered on health and wellness. I have owned my own practice for over decade in Northern VA where I see people of all ages from infants to seasoned adults in their 90’s. My goal is to help my patients get out of pain, get healthy, and heal faster. I teach patients that their body is a temple, and wellness starts within. And no matter what age you are you can always reclaim your health.

How do you handle setbacks?

I handle set backs by doing what everyone does cry, and feel disappointed.

(laughing) And then after that I pull myself together dust myself off and get back to what I like to call my “ Center ”. Which is when I go into continuous prayer, and mediation about what to do next. Life is about setbacks just as much as it is about the wins. We need both. Our setbacks build our character and give us strength to help create our foundation for the future. So a set backs can actually be all part of your journey and if looked at in the correct perspective, set backs can take you to the next level build your character, and give you a solid foundation to be unmoved.

Dr. Neema is a woman on the move and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon! Connect with her via: Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Featured Image by Hana Gonzalez-Fernandini