The Atlanta Appendicitis Book Launch was a night to remember as Dr. Randy Hines II officially launched his medical thriller, “Appendicitis”. This affair began with a red carpet reception featuring DJ K-Threat, complimentary cocktails courtesy of Bomade Organic Lemonade Vodka and lite bites courtesy of Sandtown Pub.

Following the red carpet reception, Dr. Randy Hines II was interviewed by Tamika Newhouse (Founder of The Black Writer’s Weekend) for a ” Conversation with the Author” segment. Newhouse’s questions allowed the audience to explore the mind of Dr. Hines II as a writer. After a short autograph/session, there was a crowd rousing “Ask the Doctor’s” panel which allowed attendees to ask the team of doctors anything that was on their mind. The team of doctors consisted of five distinguished medical professionals including: Dr. Randy Hines II (Family Medicine Physician/Author of Appendicitis), Dr. Theodore Morgan II (Psychiatrist), Dr. Rachel Adams (OB/GYN), Dr. Antonio Williams (Family Medicine Physician), and Dr. Ayesha Lovick (General Surgery Physician), they all gave insightful answers to attendees questions about everyday medical situations as well as debunking popular myths found on the internet. The evening concluded with Dr. Randy Hines II signing books and taking pictures with friends and readers alike as guest celebrated and turned up to the soulful sounds of DJ K-Threat.

Appendicitis Synopsis: Daniel James, a 28-year-old engineer and recent resident of Louisville, Kentucky, is the proud new husband of an emergency medicine physician. There is nothing on earth he loves more than his beautiful wife. On one cold winter morning, Daniel goes to the hospital to get himself checked out after experiencing mild stomach pain. What happens after he enters the hospital is nothing short of extraordinary. The man who enters the hospital will not be the same man who makes it out, if he makes it out. Join Daniel on this riveting action packed journey as he learns about the hidden struggles of others. The private struggles that people experience daily will now be put on display for the entire world to see. This is a story of life, sacrifice, and the things people do for love.

“Conversation with the Author” 

Tamika Newhouse (Founder of Black Writer’s Weekend) and Dr. Randy Hines II (Family Medicine Physician/ Author of Appendicitis)

“Ask the Doctor’s”

Panel (L-R) Dr. Theodore Morgan II (Psychiatrist), Dr. Rachel Adams (Obstetrics and Gynecology),
Dr. Randy Hines II (Family Medicine Physician/ Author of Appendicitis), Dr. Ayesha Lovick (General Surgery Physician),
and Dr. Antonio Williams (Family Physician).

Dr. Randy Hines II (Author of Appendicitis) and Mr. Hanky
(Super producer of Lil Duval & Snoop Dogg’s hit “Smile/Living My Best Life”, Young Jeezy, O.T. Genasis and many more)

Dr. Randy Hines II (Family Medicine Physician/ Author of Appendicitis) 
explaining appendicitis with an illustration from the book.

Dr. Randy Hines II (Family Medicine Physician/ Author of Appendicitis) signing the book of a reader in attendance

Dr. Randy Hines II (Family Medicine Physician/ Author of Appendicitis) Celebrating with Bomade Lemonade Vodka

Bomade Lemonade Vodka and copies of Appendicitis at the bar


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All images by Jasmine Mitchell | information and images provided by The Resource Guild